Livingston Manor - 1

October 10, 2005 - click on picture for full size

14 river scene-14.jpg
14 river scene-14

The horseshoe bend in the Willowemoc from the DeBruce Road by the John Marshall farm


Presbyterian Church and old High school on Rock Avenue 


Flood of 2004 - Main Street


Flood of 2004 - Little Beaverkill between Hoos building and Rose Hardware. Taken from the bridge


Flood of 2004 - Main Street

Fulton Park Flood

Flood of 2004 Fulton Park with the Willowemoc in the back and the Little Beaverkill in front

Motts Flat Flood

The Willowemoc starting over the road on Motts Flat

__hr_brown & kile settlements 1875.jpg
__hr_brown & kile settlements 1875

1875 map of Brown Settlement between DeBruce and Willowemoc. This was a stopping point for many of the first travelers to WestField Flats (Roscoe) and later Upper WestField Flats (Livingston Manor) in the late 1700's


Scale model of the DuBois house next to the O&W tracks


Scale model of the DuBois building next to the O&W tracks


The picture name was "hotel" but I have no idea what it could be or where it was taken - Anyone know????


Jacktown picture about 1900


Jacktown - site of the probable Purvis homestead. Old 17 on the left looking towards Roscoe taken from Roundtop abt 1900


same picture as previous but cropped


Jacktown from the distance - White Roe road on the right and Hoag's farm on the left. Old 17 in the center.


save as above but cropped


Liberty map of 1875


Topographical map of Livingston Manor made in 1921 showing buildings and roads


O&W train wreck in 1907 in Luzon NY

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