Kathy Meier

CELL: 845-542-4666

E-Mail: GourmetMS@aol.com

Please consider the following reasons to purchase your "Center of the Plate" foods through my business.

Guaranteed Freshness - delivering to you the best quality of Prime Beef, Chicken & Seafood. All products are cry-o-vaced with a one year guarantee

Convenience - save the trips to the grocery store and choose from your own freezer - no need to plan ahead.

Excellent Service - All orders are delivered within w days. Phone calls are made to confirm and arrangements made in case you are not home.

Save Money - With these restaurant quality foods to enjoy at home, you can cut your dining expenses.

Minimum Order - 2 boxes (Boxes can be split)

Servicing New Jersey & New Your since 1991

Revised 4/11/2011  <click links below for more information on each>

  • Beef

  • Poultry

  • Lamb, Pork, Veal

  • Seafood

  • Kid's Foods