For all that are having a senior moment of what plays we have seen:


1996 - Smokey Joe's Cafe


1997 - Miss Saigon


1998 - Chicago


1999 - Ragtime


2000 - Swing


2001 - Aida

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NYC2001 001.jpg
Loading the school bus up at the direction of proctor Dick

NYC2001 002.jpg
Fran starts the trip (just what are the laws of drinking on a school bus on school property)

NYC2001 003.jpg
First shot of the city - upper west side

NYC2001 004.jpg
And you wonder why they were late to arrive at the play (they had to ask a policeman where the theater was)

NYC2001 005.jpg
Unauthorized picture in the theater

NYC2001 006.jpg
The 'Other' Table - how was their bill $100 more than ours (probably drank more)

NYC2001 007.jpg
The 'good' table (they're all smiling)

NYC2001 008.jpg
Except for one

NYC2001 009.jpg
Our chariot

NYC2001 010.jpg
If one picture wasn't enough

NYC2001 011.jpg
Leaving from Little Italy

NYC2001 012.jpg
The happy couple

NYC2001 013.jpg
Big Dick

NYC2001 014.jpg
Never could sit down

NYC2001 015.jpg
???? it went off by accident

NYC2001 016.jpg
Getting ready to roll

NYC2001 017.jpg
The Queen of Hoagerburg Hill on her throne

NYC2001 018.jpg
After pushing through crowds for 20 minutes the tree came in sight

NYC2001 019.jpg
Couldn't have just one picture after all that

NYC2001 020.jpg
Different Lighting but this is as close as we could get (or wanted to)

NYC2001 021.jpg
Hoe's repenting in St. Patrick's Cathedral

NYC2001 022.jpg
Where are the two "Wayward Boys" - and who are the two lost little boys

NYC2001 023.jpg
I thought I should be singing but nobody wanted me to

NYC2001 024.jpg
Drank too much, Played too hard, or he has advanced Anthrax (occupational hazard) 

Attendees 2001: Aufiero, Brown, Fiorentino, Garrison, Litz, Maresca, Risco, Smith, Van Aken and 'Uncle Dick"

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