Lacey Reunion 2004  

In Remembrance of John Lacey 1922-2004

July 10, 2004   Attendance 80    Corbett, NY     Theme - Patriotic     <click on pictures below for full size>

The other Laceys

More of the other Laceys (Clara)

Eda & Dick

Barbara Van Aken Ellmauer, Gladys (Harold)


Barbara and Gladys

Gail and Helpers

The prizes

Eda & Gladys returning from the woods

Josie palming the winning ticket

Theta at work

Dick and Eda

The winner of the Cookie cookbook

The Lacey Gang - take1

The Lacey Gang - take 2

The Lacey gang - take 3

The Lacey Gang - take 4

The Lacey Gang take 5

The Lacey Gang take 6

The Community Hall
Bob Van Aken The weather was perfect with temperature about 80 and the sun was shining