The Lacey Secrets

When you finally get around to the Family XXX Rated Page here's an old photo that was found in the attic of the old Lacey House.  I just know you want to post it, but please save it for the X rated section.  This will explain why the Willowemoc River used to have a much deeper flow back when we were kids. 

This photo shows:
Great-great-great grandmother Lucy May Peawhater Parks, Great Great grand aunt Lillian Maude Parks Roosa, 69th cousin Paula Linsey Wetmore Sprague at the Willowemoc Fire Brigade Ladiesí Auxiliary Annual Picnic held at DeBruce, New York, demonstrating their novel method of a bucket brigade. c1884.  Widow Sprague was the proprietress and madam of the Menís Resort and House of Horizontal Refreshment located near the DeBruce Acid Plant that burned in the 1920s. 


Contributed by John Dagion - What do you think, fact or fiction