JUNE 7, 2014
In the Village of Walden
Join Village Historian, Mary Ellen Matise, and Walden Elementary teacher, Nancy Phelps, for the WALDEN MONUMENT WALKING TOUR, on Saturday, June 7th beginning at 12 Noon in the Bradley Assembly Room, 3rd floor, Walden Municipal Building. The tour is part of New York State’s PATH THROUGH HISTORY week ends.
The tour highlights Walden’s many monuments including the Soldiers’ Monument, the Firemen’s Monument, and the McKinley Monument.  Also featured is the history of the Walden Municipal Building, the Walden Post Office, and the Josephine-Louise Public Library. Groups will visit each monument or location on the tour and learn about its history. In the event of rain, a slide program about the monuments will be featured in the Walden Municipal Building at noon.
The WALDEN MONUMENT WALKING TOUR is based on a booklet “A Walking Tour of Historic Walden” created by the late Dr. Robert Kimball which highlighted the many monuments in the Village.  Dr. Kimball, a former dentist in the Village of Walden and community leader, helped Nancy Phelps develop the tour into an integral component of the local history emphasis in the 4th grade curriculum.  The Walden Monument Walking Tour is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Kimball, paying tribute to his interest in preserving and promoting the history of Walden. 

For more information contact Mary Ellen Matise  mailto:Memny9@frontiernet.net