Justus Banks House (Lucht)

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North end of Wallkill Avenue and has a lane running east from the road about 300 feet from where the house is located. It is about one-half block north of the entrance to Hulse Street.

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Owners  (Preliminary)
* Justus Banks

* Catherine Graham
   Banks (widow)
* Joseph Millspaugh
* Thomas Fulton
* John Buchanan

* Gordon Hulse

* Carl Lucht
* Donald Myers
* Abandoned
* Alan & Marcia White
* Built in 1772 by Justus Banks
  Served in the Revolutionary War - 4th Ulster unit
* Sep 12, 1800 - Death of Justus and his wife took ownership
   Catherine was the daughter of Capt George Graham who lived across the river
* Feb 24,1826 Catherine Graham died and building was bought? Changed roof line
* 1874Traded La Tourettes gristmill (Borden Road) for the house with Joseph Millspaugh
* 1875 His daughter married Gordon Hulse from Salisbury Mills who came to work on the farm
* ???? had 3 children and ran the farm. Ida, Dewitt & Adrian
* 1906 Gordon Hulse died and his wife ran the farm with her son Adrian until he retired and they sold it to Carl Lucht
* 1931 bought 240 acre farm
* 1967 - August 1975 Lived there
* 1976 - 1979
* 1979 - Present day
Names mentioned



* Sarah Carmen Mentz (Frank Mentz's Grandmother) went to work for them doing housework in 1854 and said there was a school across the road.
* Bill Schoonmaker and family lived in the school house that was converted to a tenant house in 1915. His family entertained Saturday night at the Sam Jansen Hotel.
Other Structures



* Barn which was replaced with a huge barn in the early 1900's and is still in good shape today
* First School House in Wallkill was across the road. The school was made into a tenant house for the Farm Workers
* Large Country store
* Potash factory


Other Information



* Was a boarding House in the 1940's, 1950's and early 1960's
* Original Banks farm included all land East up to Route 208. Included the High school and all its fields.
* The house had 4 fireplaces - Kitchen, Living room and 2 bedrooms that shared one chimney.
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