Terwilliger House

The Isaac Terwilliger-Everett Cameron House is off of the Bruyn Turnpike, on the left hand side just before reaching Hoagerburgh Road. The area was called Hooge Bergh which, in Dutch, means high hill.

Historical records are not clear when it was built. 1732, 1741 & 1771 are dates that are suggested in different documents.

  • It is thought to be the original house of Isaac Terwilliger, who was born in 1716.

  • His son, Evert, was a captain in the Revolution

  • Donald Myers family owned and operated the farm in the 1940's - 1960's

  • The house was fully restored between 1980-86 by John and Judy Pullin and family.

Terwilliger House January 2010