Hasbrouck House - Built in 1771

Drawing of the Hasbrouck House in 1880 when it was owned by J. P. Andrews.

  • In 1871-1872 John P. Andrews was a railroad conductor and farmed the Hasbrouck farm

  • In 1881 the farm and 563 acres were bought by John G. Borden

  • Photo - Courtesy of Ann Smiley from the "History of Shawangunk - 1880"

That illustration of the house is circa 1875 (though the book is 1880), and it is the first known picture of the house.  It was used in 1951 by designer Brewster Board and my grandmother, Johanna S. Hoyt to return the then derelict Borden House, still of Victorian style, and with the John Borden tower.  The house that burned was meant to be as close as it could be to the John P. Andrews house.  Andrews being a wealthy NY builder of the first Grand Central and on the Reformed church building committee in the Hamlet.  He had greater respect for history than Borden who, as is typical of many very successful men, wanted to remake everything in his image.  It was Borden, however, who added the lovely brick office to the property.  As for the barns, they burned a long time ago.  My father born in 1921, always told me he had no recollection of them in his time...they do appear in elaborate detail in an 1885 photo. - Alex

Picture taken after Borden remodeled and added the "Tower sometime after 1881

Borden Day 2004

Borden Day 2007

A fire destroyed the second floor on December 29th, 2009. The fire started from a chimney fire and spread to the roof during a Christmas dinner for several guests.

It is planned to be restored to it's original condition