by  Sullivan County Historian John Conway 

Hello:  My name is John Conway, and I am the Sullivan County Historian.  I stumbled upon your website while doing some research and found it quite fascinating and enlightening.  I especially found the posts about Purvis and the Brown-Carr episode interesting, especially the discussion of the article "John Conroy" wrote about it in the S.C. Democrat. 
I wrote the article about the murder and subsequent hanging and would have been thrilled had any of these comments been brought to my attention.  I had never heard about the alternate possibilities of Brown's first name and look forward to clearing this up.  I think I know where he is buried, and will attempt to check out the headstone and see what name appears thereon.  I will let you know.
Again, my compliments on your most edifying website, and please, in the future, feel free to contact me or have anyone of your correspondents contact me with questions, answers, information, etc.  

It would be great if you'd reference my SullivanRetrospect site, especially since you seem to have quite a following, both in numbers and in knowledge.  And please let folks know that if they have information on a topic I've written about (or even one I haven't) they can certainly let me know. - Best Wishes....John Conway/Sullivan County Historian