Hotels in Livingston Manor

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Hotel  Location Description
Amber Lake Farm Amber Lake  
The Antlers old rt 17 Mussman Flats dismantled and private residence
Arlington Hotel LM Main Street three-story hotel with a bar and dining room on the main floor
Lee&Marge- Owner in the early 1900's was Greg DeBlase later sold to Art and Ida Scwartz.  It was the weekly meeting place of the LM Rotary Club when it was first started in 1954.
Beaver Lake Lodge Beaver Lake Lee&Marge - The name of the owners of the Beaver Lake Lodge was Litchman
Beaverkill Valley Inn    
Black's   Lee&Marge - small hotel on the left side of the beavertail Road going toward Lew Beach.  It was past Juanita Lake.  It's been demolished. Owned by folks named Black. 
The Bonnie View Beaverkill Later to become Beaverkill valley Inn
Camp Livingston Sand Pond Shandelee Sub-divivision
Hotel Capitol Parkston 4-story hotel - burned in the 70's - Issidore Goodman owner
Chan-Al Hotel Shandelee  
Collins Hill Farm   Lee&Marge - - Dave Collins is still owner of the property and is the son of Doug Collins the original Owner.  Doug Collins was the poor master in the Town of Rockland.
Edgewood Inn Beaverkill Road Lee&Marge - was a popular resort hotel owned by Alex Wittenberg and taken over by Evelyn Wittenberg Haas for many years and then sold to the Rockerfeller Group.  The hotel was eventually burned down but the private homestead still stands.
The Hearthstone
Debruce Club Inn
Debruce Casino still stands - DeBruce club inn was built by E.B. Ward who owned the mansion before DeBruce ..  Harold Lacey and Eva Lacey Terwilliger
High Mountain House    
Hillside Inn    
Hollywood Country Club 1 mile up DeBruce Road 3-story hotel - burned in the early 60's
Lee&Marge - The owner was Hoffman

Was owned by the Hauptmans, not the Hoffmans - Marty Glass

The Homestead DeBruce private
Huber's Shandelee Lake Farm Shandelee Lee&Marge - 
Huber's Shandelee Lake Farm I believe is still in existence.  I believe the widow of Charles Huber, Vera is still the owner of the property.
Interlake House Huber Road Shandelee Vacant Lot
Kenmore Lake Hotel Parkston Four story and three story hotels - burned in the 60's - now a children's camp - MURAVCHICK were the first owners.
My Father, Abraham Muravchick, was one of the 3 brothers (Jack & Harry) and their Father Solomon who were the owners. I was presently surprised to see the information on the Kenmore Lake Hotel.- Marvin & Marilyn Mandel
Kortrights LM Jacktown Hill  This boarding was located on Jacktown hill, above Irv Avery's. You may remember it as the Posner home.
It eventually burned, maybe in the late 60's. 
Lake Rest Hotel Shandelee - Sand Pond three story hotel - burned in the 90's
Lee&Marge - The owner was Tom Smith.  His daugter Catherine Smith still lives in the area.
Lake View Rest    
Litchman's side of White Roe Hill  
The Lorraine Parkston 3-story hotel - burned in the 60's
Manor House LM Main Street  
Mansion House J. Young Road Shandelee Shandelee Music Festival
Maple Park House on old route 17 between Livingston Manor and Roscoe It was owned by Morris Kleinman. Closed in the 1960ís was a bungalow colony with a large central building.  I believe most of the buildings were still standing as of 2000
Mayfair Inn    
Mayflower Inn Back Shandelee Road Dismantled and private residence
Menges Lakeside Shandelee - Sand Pond Still active
Mountain Crest Beaverkill Road Johnston Mountain Private Residence
Mountain Lake Farms    
Murray Hill Farm Shandelee Road "Oz"
Nangel's Lodge DeBruce Road - across from Pop's and Mom's Nangels is now DeBruce country Inn owned by Marilan Kotcher daughter of Walter Kotcher, the owner of the DeBruce Club INN
Orchard Grove House    
Palmer House Shandelee Later became Chan-Al
Parkston Hotel & Country Club Parkston - across river 4-story hotel and casino - burned in the 60's
Rainbow Lodge Galupe Road, the short road between Dahlia and Fox Mountain Roads just beyond Denman,s
Sand Lake Hotel Sand Pond, Shandelee Retreat
Sea Cliff House Sand Pond, Shandelee private residence
Shandelee Camp Shandelee Lake, Temple Road Vacant Lot
Shandelee High View Farm    
Shandelee House Back Shandelee Road Eric Schleiermacher dismantled and private residence
Shandelee Lake Hotel Shandelee Lake, Temple Road still a hotel
Sherwood Hotel LM Main Street Old Post office built in its place
Sunrise Hotel 1.5 miles up DeBruce road 3-story hotel - burned in the 80's and again in the 90's
Temple Inn Shandelee  
Trojan Lake Lodge White Roe Lake Road  
Trout Valley Farm Beaverkill J. Davidson - later Fred Banks now vacant
Valley View Mary Smith Hill Road Lew Beach Kaplan's home 
(the diamond cutter)
Van Aken's Hotel LM Main Street opposite Oddies and next to the bridge Torn down in the 70's and is a parking lot now
Waldemere Hotel Shandelee  Lake The Blacks were the previous owners of the Waldemere before the Rosenthalls. - fred
Waverly Sand Pond Shandelee Road Korean Hotel
Wayside Rest    
West End Hotel LM Located in what is now the parking lot for the Wildlife Gift Shop
White Roe Lake Hotel White Roe Lake  
Willowemoc House