Newburgh Newspaper Links about Colden

by Juliann

1. The Newburgh News - Jul 7, 1959, p. 4B- "Colden House Panelling in NY Museum"

Includes folk art portrait of the "Colden family", plus painting of the house. There are some errors, primarily dates-- as with many of these, the writers had difficulty keeping the various Cadwalladers straight. The 1675 could have been a transposed 1765, which is another date I've seen for the house.
2. The Newburgh News, 25 Aug, 1945, "Just in Passing"-- 'Neglected Colden House"

3. The Newburgh News, Jan. 18, 1950, p. 4. "Hope for Colden Home Restoration"

4. The Newburgh Daily News, May 27, 1907, p. 7, "Legal", notice of court case involving land transaction; includes: Colden, Fell, Galatian, Murray surnames. Description of land boundaries.
5. The Newburgh Telegram, May 18, 1907, p. 4, "An Attractive Objective", article and photo of Colden mansion; mention of Cad. Sr.'s house. Gives chain of ownership of the "mansion house" post-Colden descendants.

Here are some other articles I've found in the meantime:
1. "Historic Homes: Footprints of Orange County's Pioneers, The Newburgh Telegram - May 1, 1909, p. 4

2."What's to Happen to 'Lady in White' at Colden House?", The Evening News [Newburgh, NY] - Mar 16, 1970, p 5B

3. "On the Turnpike. What one may see on a a short drive. 'Coldengham'" Newburgh Sunday Telegram - Jun 27, 1897, p 4

This article says "A stone in the upper wall of the pediment bears the inscription: "Built by I., W. and G. Many, three brothers, in 1767."

There is also a detailed description of the cemetery. According to the article, the wall around the cemetery was placed there by Charles Rhind [Jr.] (1810-1909)

4."Historical Notes", The Newburgh News, Nov. 3, 1949, p. 6.
A bit of description of the outside of the house. The end of the article contains a description of the wallpaper that was used in the house.


5. "Biographical. For the Daily New. The Colden Family." The Newburgh Daily News, April 19, 1861, p. 1.
The majority of the article might be from Eager's History of Orange County. Offhand I noticed several errors, but there's a lot of info to keep in mind.
The note at the end, following the endnotes, gives a list of the various Colden homes in the area and their locations and current occupants-- this info might be from Eager's History of Orange County, but I don't think it all is. It states that Colden Sr. built the mansion house, but I've never seen that anywhere else-- maybe CC Sr. lent a hand...