Coldengham Preservation and Historical Society; Organizational Meeting Sept. 26, 2010 Minutes


Suzanne Isaksen welcomed everyone to Wallkill River School and asked all to sign in.  She explained that several people had been meeting over the summer to prepare documents for discussion and review in our quest to become a chartered historical society.  They are Suzanne, Joan Buck Smith, Frank Gillespie, Brian Altonen, Gail Yeaple, and Marion Brown.  She introduced herself as temporary chair of the meeting and Joan Buck Smith as temporary secretary.  The New York State Museum is in charge of chartering.  The first step is to establish that no other group already exists that is doing this.  It was determined that no other group is currently doing this.


There was a motion to proceed with incorporation process by Frank Gillespie, 2nd by John Yrizarry.  Discussion followed over should we be collecting artifacts/documents.  Motion was amended to read to move forward to formally organize. Amendment by Frank G, 2nd by John Y.  All were in favor.  Suzanne is in contact with Town Attorney about this and will have more information at our next meeting.


John Y. suggested a press release to build more interest.  Suzanne will take care of it.


Suzanne handed out an agenda, a copy of sample constitution and sample by-laws. 

A constitution develops purposes of the society.  She read over the proposed purposes of the society.  Someone suggested we add “preservation of the natural environment.  Everyone was asked to read over the rest of the documents (they will also be available by email to those on our list.


Fall activities suggested: visit to Coldengham Family Cemetery, site visit to other areas of the Coldengham Mansion site and the former estate, Plant life at the ruins, visit the canal.


The next meeting date was set for Sun. Oct. 24 at 3 pm for a discussion and vote to formally incorporate or not.


Motion to adjourn the business meeting by Frank G., 2nd by Brian Altonen.  All in favor.


Suzanne introduced guest speaker Robert Williams, former Town of Montgomery Historian and his topic: “Early efforts to preserve the Colden Mansion Ruins and Development of the Heritage Park Concept.”  Bob Eurich’s Masters Thesis was handed out; Colden Mansion information he researched was mentioned.  More copies will be made available by Suzanne.  Also an article from the Wallkill Valley Times from Dec. 1999 was handed out about the stabilization of the ruins and a Heritage Park Concept was proposed.  Everyone enjoyed the talk.  Members were invited to have refreshments, continue discussion and to join him for a tour of one of the Crabtree houses on Factory Street.


Respectfully submitted by

Joan Buck Smith, Temporary Secretary.