Coldengham Preservation and Historical Society 2nd Organizational Meeting

               Oct. 24, 2010

Temporary Chair Suzanne Isaksen opened meeting.  She had sent out draft constitution and by-laws by email.

Temporary Secretary Joan Buck Smith read the minutes of the previous meeting.  Minutes accepted as read on motion by Robin Assenza, 2nd by Frank Gillespie.  All in favor.

Suzanne read over proposed draft constitution.

 Discussion of Article IIb: suggested to add “preservation of the natural environment”, decided to add the word “natural” to b.:

To read: “preservation of the natural and built environment”.   Art. II g.: Discussion of should we acquire artifacts and documents?  Decided to leave g. in.  Art. III : Discussion should we add “college student” to #1 ?  Yes, add “college student with valid ID.

 Art. IV:  Annual Meeting: discussion: decided to have “Annual Meeting in Nov rather than Dec.   Officers: OK as is.  Art. VI:  Sec. 1 take out “secret ballot”.   Art. VIII  decided to leave out “special meeting”.

Motion to accept draft constitution as amended by Frank Gillespie, 2nd by Brian Altonen.  Motion carried.


By-laws: after discussion the following changes were agreed upon:

Art. III Sec. 4: checks to be signed by Treasurer and President or VP if Pres. Not available.   Art. IV  g. :  leave out Section 2.

Motion to accept draft By-laws as amended by Frank Gillespie, 2nd by Brain Altonen.  Motion carried.


Suzanne appointed the following to serve as our nominating committee:  Joan Buck Smith, Chair and Marion Brown and Gail Yeaple.  If anyone is interested in serving as an officer or Trustee let them know.  Report will be given at Nov. meeting then emailed to everyone 30 days before the Jan 9 meeting before the election.


Old business:  Suzanne reported she and Marion Brown and Town Supervisor won an award for the Colden Mansion Stabilization Project. Project Architect Steven Tilley recommends the next step should be to have an archaeological survey done of the property (an assessment of the site).  We should have an understanding of what is there before planning walkways, etc.

Date of next meeting is Nov. 21, 2010 at 3 pm.  Jan 9 date set as Election of officers and board.

Motion to adjourn the reorganizational part of the meeting by Robin Assenza.

Attendance:  Suzanne Isaksen, Frank Gillespie, Joan Buck Smith, Marion Brown, Brian Altonen, Mary Ellen Matise, John Yrizarry, Juliann Hansen, Barbara Kidney, Andrew Dalton, Robin Assenza.

Suzanne presented “Researching the Colden Mansion Ruins”, discussion followed.

Frank proposed putting together a pamphlet on all the people who have lived in the mansion.

Refreshments followed.

Respectfully submitted by Joan Buck Smith, Temporary Secretary