Colden Family Cemetery

An alphabetical list of the inscriptions in the Colden family cemetery, Coldenham, Town of Montgomery, Orange Co., New York, including the names, dates and family details as provided on the stones. — J R S Hansen, Oct. 2015

One early mention of the cemetery, written upon the death of his aunt in June 1744, was in a letter to a friend from Cadwallader Colden, the future Lieutenant Governor of the Province of New York: “She was buried the next day in the afternoon in my Orchard by one of my Children & where I hope to be laid my self.” — From The Letters and Papers of Cadwallader Colden, vol. VIII (New York: J.J. Little and Ives Co. for The New York Historical Society, 1937), p. 303-304.

Building on a list published in vol. 16 of the journal “Publication” of the Historical Society of Newburgh Bay and the Highlands (1914), the following is based on surveys I made in 2008 and 2013, with some additions and corrections to the 1914 version.

It must be kept in mind that many of the stones are very hard to read. The number of clearly identified burials/stones is 62. Based on the historical record, there are at least 3 additional burials, and likely more, one possibly as early as 1729. They were not listed in 1914 and have not been located physically, so are not included below.

Details in square brackets were added for clarification. Maiden names are indicated by parentheses; they are also enclosed in square brackets if they were not included in the engraving.

Alice (Colden) Antell [sic],
“daughter of Cadwr. and Elizth. Colden,” d. 21 Feb 1776, age 30.

Edward Antill, 16 Apr 1795-20 Feb 1830.

Jane (Colden) Antill, d. 3 Oct 1827, age 72.
“Daughter of Alexr. Colden & Widow of John Antill.”

Alexander Colden, d. 28 Sep 1816, age 59.

Anna Cornelia Colden,
“youngest daughter of David and Gertrude Colden,“ d. 3 Oct 1799, age 13 months.

Anna (Willet) Colden, d. 1828.
Stone shared with Thomas Colden (q.v.).
“The grateful tribute of an adopted daughter to the memory of Thomas Colden and Anna Willet. Married 1783; died 1826 and 1828.”

Cadwallader Colden [Lt. Gov.], d. 28 [sic] Sep 1776, in 89th year.
[Other sources state that he died on 20 September.]

Cadwallader Colden, Esq. [Jr.], d. 18 Feb 1797, age 75.

Cadwallader Colden [III], d. 10 Jun 1805, age 59 y, 7m.

Cadwallader W. Colden, d. 11 Jun 1860, age 57y, 7m, 8d.

Caroline (Oakley) Colden, wife of Charles Rhind Colden, 4 Jun 1830-24 May 1907.
[This stone was not included in the 1914 survey.]

Carrie Crawford Colden, d. 13 Jul 1874, age 5 months.
[Inscription shared with Robert Murray Colden (q.v.).]
“Children of Charles R. and Caroline Oakley Colden.”

Charles Colden, d. 25 Apr 1870, age 19.
“Son of Charles R. & Caroline O. Colden.”

Charles Kearney Colden, 24 Jan 1881-4 Jan 1907
[Inscribed on one face of an obelisk that also bears an inscription for Kearney Colden (q.v.).]

Charles Rhind Colden, d. 8 May 1881, age 63.

David Colden, d. 15 Sep 1798, age 36.
“Son of Cadwallader and Elizabeth Colden.”

David Colden, 18 Mar 1860, age 48 y, 10m, 3d.

Elizabeth [(Ellison)] Colden, d. 10 Jul 1815 in 89th year of her age.
“Relict of Cadwallader Colden.”

Elizabeth (Fell) Colden, d. 24 Apr 1782, in 30th year.
“Wife of Cadr. Colden jun [III] and only Daughter of Joh Fell Esqr.”

Elizabeth [(Fell)] Colden, d. 13 Oct 1858, age 76.
“Relict of William Colden.”

Gertrude [(Wynkoop)] Colden, 4 Jul 1767-16 May 1845, age 76.
“Widow of Alexander Colden.”

Kearney Colden, d. 18 Nov 1885, age 27y, 7m, 15d.
[Inscribed on one face of an obelisk that also bears an inscription for Charles Kearney Colden (q.v.).]

Margaret Colden, d. 16 Mar 1881, age 71y, 10m, 3d.

Mary Ann (Hunt) Colden, d. 29 Nov 1885, age 63y, 8m, 4d.
“our beloved mother…wife of David Colden.”

Robert Murray Colden, d. 9 Feb 1866, age 8 weeks.
[Inscription shared with Carrie Crawford Colden (q.v.).]
“Children of Charles R. and Caroline Oakley Colden.”

Susan Colden, d. 4 Aug 1905, age 82.

Thomas Colden, d. 1826.
[Shared stone with Anna (Willet) Colden (q.v.).]
“The grateful tribute of an adopted daughter to the memory of Thomas Colden and Anna Willet. Married 1783; died 1826 and 1828.”

Thomas Colden, d. 1 Apr 1843, age 42y, 6m.
“Only son of Cadwallader C. & Eliza H. Colden.”

William Colden, Esq., d. 1 Oct 1826, age 44y, 7m.

John Fell, Esq., d. 15 May 1798, age 77y, 91d.

John Fell, d. 4 Feb 1836, age 52.
“…husband, father..”

Peter R. Fell, d. 6 Oct 1791, in 38th year.

Susan [Susannah (Marschalk) McIntosh] Fell, d. Nov 1800, in 73rd year.
“…relict of John Fell.”

William Handy Fell, d. 4 Oct 1819, age 5y, 4m.
“…son of John and Mary Fell.”

Margaret (Colden) [Fell] Galatian, d. 29 Mar 1833, in 75th year,
“…relict of Peter Galatian.”
[The 1914 survey mis-transcribed her death year as 1855.]

Peter Galatian, d. 26 Feb 1811, age 55y, 11m, 19d.

Anna Colden Harris, 16 Dec 1853-4 Jun 1937.
[Further research may show that her maiden name was Colden. This stone was not included in the 1914 survey for obvious reasons.]

[Note: the following 2 stones were listed in the 1914 survey with the surname Hand, but closer examination of the very faded stones and further research indicate the name is probably Hart.]

Susan [(Colden?)] Hart, 17 Nov 1778-19 Oct 1854,
“wife of Thomas Hart.”

Thomas Hart, 21 Nov 1779-18 Oct 1839.

The Rev. Albert Hoyt, d. 23 Jan 1829, age 31y, 3m, 23d.
“Rector of St. Andrew’s Church, Walden.”

Gertrude Colden (Murray) Hussey, 25 Sep (“9th month”) 1817-13 Sep (“9th month”) 1848.
“…wife of George F. [E?] Hussey and daughter of Robert I. Murray.”

Murray Hussey, 21 Jan (“1st month”) 1845- 30 Jan (“1st month”) 1849.
“…son of G. F. and G. C. Hussey.”

Jane [(Colden)] Murray, d. 29 Dec 1830, in 82nd year.
“…relict of Alexander Murray.”

Alexander Colden Rhind, d. 8 Nov 1897, in 77th year.
“Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy.”

Anna Grant [(Wilson)] Rhind, 5 Oct 1814-2 Jun 1901.
“Wife of Charles Rhind” [Jr.]

Cadwallader D. Colden Rhind, d. 28 Apr 1884, in 62nd year.
“Son of Charles & Susan Rhind.”

Charles Rhind, 11 Feb 1779-31 Mar 1857.

Charles Rhind [Jr.], 10 Feb 1810-23 Apr 1908.

Charlotte Sophia Rhind [1829-1911].
[There are no dates on the stone. This stone was not included in the 1914 survey.]

Frances Rhind, 24 Feb 1846-14 Dec 1890.
“Daughter of Charles & Anna G. Rhind.”

Henry Navarre Rhind, d. 8 May 1910, age 61.
“Son of Charles & Anna G. Rhind.”

Malvina Rhind, 9 Jan 1819-25 Feb 1832.
“…daughter of Charles and Susan Rhind.”

Mary Rhind, d. 1 Nov 1895.

Susan [(Fell)] Rhind, 11 Oct 1786- 3 Nov 1861.
“…relict of Charles Rhind.”
[The 1914 survey lists her as Sarah, but it is clearly Susan.]

Susan Rhind, d. 24 Aug 1865.

[The following five names were inscribed on one of 4 sides of an obelisk:]

Charles Joseph Ruggles, d. 25 Sep 1849, age 28 y, 10m, 20d.
“Son of David & Sarah Colden Ruggles.”

David Ruggles, d. 19 Dec 1837, age 54y, 9m, 15d.

Elizabeth Ruggles, d. Feb 1831, age 2 months.
“Daughter of David & Sarah Colden Ruggles.”
[This inscription is on the same face of the obelisk as that of Gertrude Wynkoop Ruggles (see next).]

Gertrude Wynkoop Ruggles, d. 19 Nov 1829, age 5y, 1m, 9d.
“Daughter of David & Sarah Colden Ruggles.”
[This inscription is on the same face of the obelisk as that of Elizabeth Ruggles (see previous).]

Sarah (Colden) Ruggles, d. 10 May 1842, age 50y, 5m, 25d.
“Wife of David Ruggles & eldest daughter of David & Gertrude Colden.”

Isabella Trimble, d. 25 Apr 1842, age 4 y, 9m, [?] d.
“…daughter of John & Margaret L. [?] Trimble.”

John Antill Trimble, d. 2 Apr 185[0 or 6], age 6m, 11 d.
“Son of John & Margaret Trimble.”