Five Generations of the descendants of

 George and Elizabeth Purvis


Compiled by

Susan B. Schock




First Generation

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1. George Purvis. Born abt 1754 in Scotland. George died in Sullivan County NY, bef 1830; he was about 76. George and his wife’s burial places are currently unknown.


George is found in the 1800 Ulster Co. census, Neversink Township (Sullivan Co had not yet been formed and Neversink covered a larger area than today including what is now known as the Town of Rockland where George settled). George and his wife are noted with seven of their ten children at home at this time. It appears the oldest three sons had married and left home by 1800. George Jr. and William are noted as living next door and listed separately as heads of households. Andrew had moved to Virgil NY (Cortland Co) where he and his family are later found in census records. George’s sons Thomas and James also later moved to Virgil NY although James returned to Sullivan Co and permanently settled there. Also later on George’s daughter Nancy went to Virgil NY, married and settled there.


By 1810 George’s daughter, Jane, was married and out of the household and living nearby in the Town of Rockland.


By 1830 George had died. The head of the household is listed as Elizabeth Purvis (age between 70 and 80). Five children are in the household. One is a male between the age of five and ten so must have been a grandchild. The others may have also been grandchildren (a female between fifteen and twenty, two males between twenty and thirty) and a female between thirty and forty (perhaps a widowed daughter) George’s sons Samuel and James are now heads of households and living nearby.


It is thought that George may have been the “Mr. Purvis” mentioned by James E. Quinlan (p.501) in The History of Sullivan County (1873) who said to have been a Swedenborgian.


Abt 1774 when George was abt. 20, he married Elizabeth/Sally_____ ?, in Scotland. Born in 1755 in Scotland. Elizabeth/Sally died in Sullivan County NY, abt 1840; she was 85. Although census information gives her name as Elizabeth the Jackson descendants of this family have her name as Sally.


They had the following children and perhaps others:

            2              i.            George (~1774-)

            3             ii.            Jane (~1775-) Some question Jane as a member of this family.

            4            iii.            William (~1780-)

            5             iv.            Andrew (~1785-1863) Andrew s still a questionable member of this family

            6              v.            ? (~1787-) The name of this child is unknown

            7             vi.            Thomas D. (~1789-1843)

            8            vii.            James (1791-1876)

            9           viii.            Sally (~1793-)

          10             ix.            Nancy (1795-1859)

          11              x.            Samuel (1799-1876)



Second Generation

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


2. George Purvis II (George1). Born abt 1774 in Scotland.


3. Jane Purvis (George1). Born abt 1775.


Family lore has it that Jane was sixteen when she sailed with her family from England.

Her brother James Purvis married Abigail Jackson, thought to have been Jane’s husband’s sister.


Jane married Isaac Jackson, son of David Jackson & Rachel______ ?. Born in VT.


Isaac was in the Revolutionary War and served in the Albany Co Militia 8th and 9th Regiment under Col. Robert Rensselaer.


An Isaac Jackson is mentioned in The History of Sullivan County (NY) 1873 by James Eldridge Quinlan. (The Town of Rockland) In all likelihood it is this Isaac. (p. 496) “The boundaries of Rockland were established by William Parks of Parksville, David Overton, William Parks Jr. and Isaac Jackson.”


They had the following children:

          12              i.            Henry

          13             ii.            Charles

          14            iii.            William John (1814-1902)

          15             iv.            Harriet

          16              v.            Margaret

          17             vi.            Pattie

          18            vii.            Darius

          19           viii.            Sarah Ann

          20             ix.            George

          21              x.            Jane


4. William Purvis (George1). Born abt 1780 in Scotland.


William moved with his family to Delaware Co. NY


Abt 1800 when William was 20, he married Mary “Polly”_____ ?, in Sullivan County NY.


They had one child that we know of so far:

          22              i.            Manley Alexander (1813-1895)


5. Andrew Purvis (George1). Born abt 1785 in Scotland. Andrew died in Harford, Cortland Co NY, on 3 Jun 1863; he was 78.


In 1812 when Andrew was 27, he married Nancy Hale, in Harford, Cortland Co NY. Although an Andrew Purvis is found in Cortland Co NY census records it is not yet conformed that he was a member of this Purvis family.


6. ? Purvis (George1). Born abt 1787.


7. Thomas D. Purvis (George1). Born abt 1789 in Scotland. Thomas D. died in Virgil, Cortland Co NY, on 29 Nov 1843; he was 54. Buried in Virgil, Cortland Co NY.


After Thomas married (around 1814) he and his wife moved to Virgil NY. In 1822 they bought 22 acres there


Abt 1812 when Thomas D. was abt. 23, he married Phebe Smith, daughter of Tristan Smith & Dorothy_____ ?, in Sullivan Co NY. Born abt 1794 in New Windsor NY.


They had the following children:

          23              i.            Elizabeth

          24             ii.            William C.

          25            iii.            Charlotte

          26             iv.            Dolly

          27              v.            Olive

          28             vi.            Truman

          29            vii.            Sarah

          30           viii.            Joseph

          31             ix.            Margaret

          32              x.            Mary (~1835-)


8. James Purvis (George1). Born on 30 Jun 1791 in aboard the ship that brought his parents and their family from England to America. James died in Rockland NY, Sullivan Co, on 13 Mar 1876; he was 84. (Family lore has it that James’ sister Nancy was the one born aboard the ship in 1795 so still a question as to the truth)


On 15 Jan 1815 when James was 23, he married Abigail Jackson, presumed to be the daughter of David Jackson & Rachel_______ ?, in Sullivan Co NY. Born abt 1797 in Litchfield CT. Abigail died aft 1880; she was 83.


In 1880 Abigail at the age of 83 was living with her son, Joseph G. Purvis who had never married and her daughter, Olive Purvis Mills who was a widow by then as well. Olive’s son, Cloudley Mills is also in the household and a granddaughter named Clarinda Purvis, daughter of Abigails son, Thomas D. Purvis who apparently went to live with her grandparents after her mother’s death in 1869. It appears to actually be the farm (household) of James and Abigail where their unmarried son, Joseph had always lived although now that his father is dead he is considered the head of the household.


Abigail is thought to be the younger sister of Isaac Jackson who married Abigail’s husband’s sister, Jane Purvis. Isaac’s father is confirmed to be David Jackson (notes of Lillian Jackson Woodruff , a descendant). Abigail and her husband James named their first son George (supporting the belief that James’ father was George Purvis and therefore their first son traditionally named after his fraternal grandfather) Their second son was named David J.  which supports the belief that Abigail was the daughter of David Jackson and a sister to Isaac, naming their second son after his maternal grandfather. (perhaps the J stands for Jackson).





They had the following children:

          33              i.            Samantha Jane (1818-1888)

          34             ii.            George W. (~1820-)

          35            iii.            David J. (~1822-)

          36             iv.            Thomas D. (1823-1896)

          37              v.            ? (~1826-)

          38             vi.            Harriet (~1827-)

          39            vii.            Olive J. (~1828-)

          40           viii.            Joseph G. (1829-)

          41             ix.            James C. (1831-1886)

          42              x.            Samuel S. (~1834-)

          43             xi.            Sarah Ann (~1837-)

          44            xii.            John

          45           xiii.            William

          46           xiv.            ?

          47            xv.            ?


9. Sally Purvis (George1). Born abt 1793.


10. Nancy Purvis (George1). Born in 1795 in Ulster Co/now Sullivan Co NY. Nancy died in Virgil NY Cortland Co, on 27 Jan 1859; she was 64.


Abt 1812 when Nancy was 17, she married Amariah Dann, son of Ebenezer Dann (21 Jul 1768-) & Sarah H Jones (10 Oct 1770-17 Apr 1845), in NY. Born on 15 Nov 1791 in Ridgefield CT. Amariah died in Virgil NY Cortland Co, on 20 Aug 1879; he was 87.


They had at least one child and perhaps others:

          48              i.            George P.


11. Samuel Purvis (George1). Born on 30 Aug 1799 in Ulster Co/now Sullivan Co NY. Samuel died in Sullivan Co NY, on 24 Jul 1876; he was 76. Buried in Methodist Cemetery Livingston Manor NY, Sullivan Co.


Abt 1823 when Samuel was abt. 23, he married Estella______ ?, in Sullivan Co NY. Born on 6 Jan 1806 in Sullivan Co NY. Estella died in Sullivan Co NY, on 6 Mar 1870; she was 64. Buried in Livingston Manor NY, Sullivan Co.


They had the following children:

          49              i.            Austin (Twin) (1825-1828)

          50             ii.            Satilla “Estella” (Twin) (1825-1877)

          51            iii.            Mary Ann (1827-1898)

          52             iv.            Orrin C. (1827-1862)

          53              v.            Jane (1831-1908)

          54             vi.            Harriet L. (1833-1859)

          55            vii.            Emmalissa (1836-1913)



Third Generation

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


12. Henry Jackson (Jane Purvis2, George1).


13. Charles Jackson (Jane Purvis2, George1).


14. William John Jackson (Jane Purvis2, George1). Born on 9 Dec 1814 in Sullivan Co NY. William John died in Delaware Co NY, on 30 Jul 1902; he was 87.


On 29 Dec 1839 when William John was 25, he married Mary Ann Champion, daughter of William Champion & Nancy Kelly. Born on 29 Dec 1818 in Beaver Co PA. Mary Ann died on 25 Jan 1914; she was 95.


They had the following children:

          56              i.            George Washington (1841-)

          57             ii.            Nancy Jane (1842-1900)

          58            iii.            Martha Elizabeth (1845-1929)

          59             iv.            Julia Ann (1847-1899)

          60              v.            Harriet Ellen (1849-1930)

          61             vi.            John William (1851-1921)

          62            vii.            Isaac Henry (1852-1882)

          63           viii.            Alma Adna

          64             ix.            Mary Adeline

          65              x.            Oscar Darius

          66             xi.            Aaron Kelly

          67            xii.            Louis Edgar


15. Harriet Jackson (Jane Purvis2, George1).


16. Margaret Jackson (Jane Purvis2, George1).


17. Pattie Jackson (Jane Purvis2, George1).


18. Darius Jackson (Jane Purvis2, George1).


19. Sarah Ann Jackson (Jane Purvis2, George1).


20. George Jackson (Jane Purvis2, George1).


21. Jane Jackson (Jane Purvis2, George1).


22. Manley Alexander Purvis (William2, George1). Born in 1813. Manley Alexander died in Rockland NY Sullivan Co, on 26 Aug 1895; he was 82.


Information on Manley's line on  down is from the "Van Benschoten Family in America" by William Henry Van Benschoten pub. 1907. (p.286,287). In this book it states that Manley was a hotel-inn keeper and later a farmer. He and his wife lived in Rockland NY (Sullivan Co)


On 7 Jun 1834 when Manley Alexander was 21, he married Phoebe Van Benschoten, daughter of John A. Van Benschoten & Mary Drake. Born on 18 Jul 1810. Phoebe died on 1 Aug 1889; she was 79.


They had the following children:

          68              i.            William W. (1835-1917)

          69             ii.            John E. (1837-1862)

          70            iii.            Aaron Royston (1839-1937)

          71             iv.            Mary Jane (1845-)

          72              v.            Charlotte (1848-)

          73             vi.            Paulina (1853-1853)


23. Elizabeth Purvis (Thomas D.2, George1).


24. William C. Purvis (Thomas D.2, George1).


William C. married Philinda Hill.


They had the following children:

          74              i.            Alice G.

          75             ii.            Elda

          76            iii.            William


25. Charlotte Purvis (Thomas D.2, George1).


Charlotte and her husband moved to Michigan.


In 1842 Charlotte married Harvey Luce.


26. Dolly Purvis (Thomas D.2, George1).


Dolly married Daniel Nye.


27. Olive Purvis (Thomas D.2, George1).


Olive married Daniel Jacob Price.


They had the following children:

          77              i.            Albert

          78             ii.            Irving

          79            iii.            Earl Truman


28. Truman Purvis (Thomas D.2, George1).


Truman married Sarah_____ ?.


They had one child:

          80              i.            George


29. Sarah Purvis (Thomas D.2, George1).


30. Joseph Purvis (Thomas D.2, George1).


31. Margaret Purvis (Thomas D.2, George1).


32. Mary Purvis (Thomas D.2, George1). Born abt 1835.


Mary married ? Seggar.


33. Samantha Jane Purvis (James2, George1). Born on 26 Feb 1818. Samantha Jane died on 9 Mar 1888; she was 70. Buried in Methodist Cemetery Livingston Manor NY, Sullivan Co.


On 28 Dec 1842 when Samantha Jane was 24, she married James Emmett Sprague, in Bethel Sullivan Co NY. Born in 1817. James Emmett died in 1895; he was 78. Buried on 7 Jul 1895.


34. George W. Purvis (James2, George1). Born abt 1820 in Rockland NY, Sullivan Co.


Abt 1846 when George W. was 26, he married Betsy Jane_____ ?, in Sullivan Co NY.


35. David J. Purvis (James2, George1). Born abt 1822 in Virgil NY Cortland Co.


David’s year of birth is approximated from census records. In 1855 he was 33 years old. His middle name may have been Jackson and therefore may have been named David Jackson Purvis after his maternal grandfather. It has not been conclusively confirmed that David Jackson was actually his grandfather but seems likely in that Abigail’s first son was named, George after his paternal grandfather and the 2nd son was named David. It has been confirmed that an Isaac Jackson of Sullivan Co was the son of David Jackson so most likely David’s mother , Abigail was Isaac’s sister.


Prior to his marriage it appears that he lived with his sister, Samantha and her husband.


On 28 Dec 1842 when David J. was 20 he first married Sophia Burden, in Bethel, Sullivan Co NY


Abt 1853 when David J. was 31, he second married Abby M._____ ?, in Sullivan Co NY. Born abt 1828 in Sullivan Co NY.


They had the following children:

          81              i.            James M. (~1854-)

          82             ii.            Alice A. (~1857-)



36. Thomas D. Purvis (James2, George1). Born on 19 Nov 1823 in Rockland NY, Sullivan Co. Thomas D. died on 1 Sep 1896; he was 72.


Abt 1842 when Thomas D. was 18, he first married Anna Marie Grant, daughter of ? Grant. Born abt 1820 in Dutchess Co NY. Anna Marie died abt 1862; she was 42.


Anna Maria may have died soon after the birth of her son John O. Purvis.


They had the following children:

          83              i.            George W. (1843-)

          84             ii.            Mary Esther (1845-1932)

          85            iii.            Joseph H. (1849-)

          86             iv.            Phoebe (1851-1875)

          87              v.            Charles E. (1854-1925)

          88             vi.            Walter E. (1856-)

          89            vii.            Clarinda A. (1857-)

          90           viii.            John O. (1861-)


Bef 1870 when Thomas D. was 46, he second married Lydia J.______ ?. Lydia was a widow and had been married formerly to a Mr. Etts. She had one son Seward Etts.


They had one child:

          91              i.            Annette "Nettie" A. (1872-)


37. ? Purvis (James2, George1). Born abt 1826 in Rockland NY, Sullivan Co.


38. Harriet Purvis (James2, George1). Born abt 1827 in Sullivan Co NY.


39. Olive J. Purvis (James2, George1). Born abt 1828 in Rockland NY, Sullivan Co.


Abt 1851 when Olive J. was 23, she married Cornelius Mills, in Sullivan Co NY.


They had one child:

          92              i.            Cloudley


40. Joseph G. Purvis (James2, George1). Born on 23 Aug 1829 in Rockland NY, Sullivan Co.


In the 1860 Sullivan Co NY census Joseph is age 30, living at home and listed as a farm laborer. In the 1870 census he is listed as a farmer. In the 1875 census he is 46 years old, unmarried and living with his parents and listed as a merchant and a farmer. By 1880 in the census he is listed as age 50,  the head of the household, single and a farmer. His father had died by then and his mother is 83. His sister Olive at age 52 is widowed and living there as well. Olive’s son, Cloudley Mills, age 24, lives with them and is a farm laborer. There is a niece, Indamora Purvis, age 18, also in the household but it is not known who her parents were.


Joseph Purvis, at one time owned the newspaper, the Willowemoc Valley Times                    ( Livingston Manor,Town of Rockland, Sullivan County NY). Joseph had financed a man named Moses H. Pride in the founding of the paper and eventually took over the plant under the terms of the chattel mortgage and hired a man named Dewey Boyce to edit the newspaper. It was said that "kept feeding the plant like the sparrow feeds its young" and finally in a fit of desperation sold the plant to Clarence and Frank Sprague of Liberty NY..


41. James C. Purvis II (James2, George1). Born on 22 Oct 1831 in Rockland NY, Sullivan Co. James C. died in Sullivan Co NY, on 4 Sep 1886; he was 54.


Abt 1870 when James C. was 38, he married Katherine”Kate” Read. Born on 27 May 1845.


They had one child, thought to be their only child:

          93              i.            Leland S. (1871-1933)


42. Samuel S. Purvis (James2, George1). Born abt 1834 in Rockland NY, Sullivan Co.


Samuel was said to have been a tall man like his father, James.  He was a logger and went on rafts down the Delaware River to Philadelphia. Later he accepted a position as an outside overseer with Hammond Bros. who owned one of the largest tanneries in NY State in De Bruce. He remained there for eight years and then became a partner of Peter Millsapugh in the lumber business in Woolseyville. A few years later he formed a partnership with H.J. Barles in the mercantile business in Liberty NY, where he remained until 1886 when he sold out, retired and moved to Middletown NY


Samuel S. married Jane Krum, daughter of Daniel Schoonmaker Krum (15 Sep 1796-17 Feb 1875) & Sarah Parks (31 Mar 1793-24 Sep 1855). Born on 12 Sep 1831.


They had the following children:

          94              i.            Florence B. (1858-1950)

          95             ii.            Estella

          96            iii.            Alwelda

          97             iv.            May


43. Sarah Ann Purvis (James2, George1). Born abt 1837 in Rockland NY, Sullivan Co.


44. John Purvis (James2, George1).


45. William Purvis (James2, George1).


46. ? Purvis (James2, George1).


47. ? Purvis (James2, George1).


48. George P. Dann (Nancy Purvis2, George1).


George P. first married Marilla Tuller.


George P. second married Alice G. Purvis (74) , daughter of William C. Purvis (24) & Philinda Hill.


49. Austin Purvis (Samuel2, George1). Born on 22 Nov 1825 in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY. Austin died in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY, on 2 Apr 1828. Buried in Livingston Manor NY, Sullivan Co.


Austin died when only 2 years, 6 months and 17 days. He is buried next to his parents.


50. Satilla “Estella” Purvis (Samuel2, George1). Born on 22 Nov 1825 in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY. Satilla “Estella” died in Fallsburgh NY, Sullivan Co, on 24 Apr 1877; she was 51. Buried in Fallsburgh NY, Sullivan Co.


Abt 1840 when Satilla “Estella” was 14, she married David J. Knapp, in Sullivan Co NY.


51. Mary Ann Purvis (Samuel2, George1). Born on 27 Aug 1827 in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY. Mary Ann died in Livingston Manor NY, on 26 Nov 1898; she was 71.


On 20 Oct 1853 when Mary Ann was 26, she married Erastus Sprague, in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY. Born in 1824. Erastus died in 1894; he was 70.


52. Orrin C. Purvis (Samuel2, George1). Born on 5 Sep 1827 in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY. Orrin C. died in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY, on 7 Nov 1862; he was 35. Buried in Livingston Manor NY, Sullivan Co.


It is thought that Orrin may have died in the Civil War.


53. Jane Purvis (Samuel2, George1). Born on 28 May 1831 in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY. Jane died in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY, on 2 Dec 1908; she was 77. Buried in LIVIngston Manor NY, Sullivan Co.


54. Harriet L. Purvis (Samuel2, George1). Born on 30 Nov 1833 in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY. Harriet L. died in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY, on 17 Oct 1859; she was 25. Buried in Livingston Manor NY, Sullivan Co.


55. Emmalissa Purvis (Samuel2, George1). Born on 10 Jul 1836 in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY. Emmalissa died in Town of Rockland, Sullivan Co NY, on 22 Aug 1913; she was 77. Buried in Livingston Manor NY, Sullivan Co.



Fourth Generation

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


56. George Washington Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1). Born on 22 Jul 1841.


57. Nancy Jane Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1). Born on 17 Nov 1842. Nancy Jane died on 30 Nov 1900; she was 58.


Nancy Jane married Aaron Ruse.


58. Martha Elizabeth Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1). Born on 5 May 1845. Martha Elizabeth died on 2 Jun 1929; she was 84.


Martha Elizabeth married Lewis Teeters.


59. Julia Ann Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1). Born on 26 Jan 1847. Julia Ann died on 4 Jun 1899; she was 52.


Julia Ann married Nathan Cobb.


60. Harriet Ellen Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1). Born on 8 Mar 1849. Harriet Ellen died on 16 Feb 1930; he was 80.


Harriet Ellen married Louis Geaque.


61. John William Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1). Born on 7 Mar 1851. John William died on 28 Jun 1921; he was 70.


John William married Cecelia_____?.


62. Isaac Henry Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1). Born on 27 Dec 1852. Isaac Henry died in Hancock Co OH, in 1882; he was 29.


Isaac Henry married Emma Jane Arnold. Born in Scranton PA.


They had the following children:

          98              i.            Lillian Frances (1876-1986)

          99             ii.            Frank (1878-)

        100            iii.            Charles Benton (1880-1902)


63. Alma Adna Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1).


Alma Adna married Amos Johnson.


64. Mary Adeline Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1).


Mary Adeline married George Gaddis.


65. Oscar Darius Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1).


Oscar Darius married Sadie Robina.


66. Aaron Kelly Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1).


Aaron Kelly married Mary Sullivan.


67. Louis Edgar Jackson (William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1).


Louis Edgar married Cassie Maloney.


68. William W. Purvis (Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 15 Jun 1835. William W. died in 1917; he was 81.


William never married. He was an early volunteer in the Civil War and enlisted in Hancock in the 101st NY 3rd Division Artillery and served throughout the war. He was in the battles of Gettys burg, Mission Ridge, Chancellorville and many other engagements and was present at the surrender of Lee. He was never wounded but the hardships of campaigning greatly impaired his health. He lived in Rockland NY (Sullivan Co.)


69. John E. Purvis (Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 21 May 1837. John E. died in 1862; he was 24.


John never married. He was an early volunteer in the Civil War and enlisted at Liberty NY in the 143rd NY Regiment. He died in the army in 1862 of a fever.


70. Aaron Royston Purvis (Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 4 Jul 1839 in Livingston Manor NY. Aaron Royston died in Brooklyn NY, on 27 Nov 1937; he was 98.


Aaron and his wife lived near the old Purvis family homestead

On 25 Feb 1873 when Aaron Royston was 33, he married Mary Jane Dougherty. Born in Ireland. Mary Jane died on 29 Oct 1928 in Brooklyn NY.



They had the following children:

        101              i.            Agnes Isabelle (1876-)

        102             ii.            Charlotte (1880-)


71. Mary Jane Purvis (Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 15 Apr 1845.


On 19 Mar 1865 when Mary Jane was 19, she married Abner Bennett.


Abner was a farmer and lumberman. He and his wife lived in Roscoe NY, Sullivan Co 


They had the following children:

        103              i.            Lottie (1866-)

        104             ii.            Inez (1868-)

        105            iii.            Raymond (1871-)

        106             iv.            Nettie R. (1874-)

        107              v.            Erford S. (1877-)

        108             vi.            Luella J. (1881-)

        109            vii.            Edith P. (1885-)


72. Charlotte Purvis (Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 7 Feb 1848.


On 15 May 1870 when Charlotte was 22, she married Milton P. Bennett. Born on 8 Mar 1845.


Milton was a carpenter. He and his wife lived in Livingston Manor NY, Sullivan Co.


They had the following children:

        110              i.            John E. (1871-)

        111             ii.            Mary J. (1873-)

        112            iii.            Florence H. (1876-)

        113             iv.            Homer M. (1878-)


73. Pauline Purvis (Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 27 Feb 1853. Paulina died on 1 Apr 1853.


74. Alice G. Purvis (William C.3, Thomas D.2, George1).


Alice G. married George P. Dann (48) , son of Amariah Dann (15 Nov 1791-20 Aug 1879) & Nancy Purvis (10) (1795-27 Jan 1859).


75. Elda Purvis (William C.3, Thomas D.2, George1).


76. William Purvis II (William C.3, Thomas D.2, George1).


77. Albert Price (Olive Purvis3, Thomas D.2, George1).


78. Irving Price (Olive Purvis3, Thomas D.2, George1).


79. Earl Truman Price (Olive Purvis3, Thomas D.2, George1).


80. George Purvis (Truman3, Thomas D.2, George1).


81. James M. Purvis (David J.3, James2, George1). Born abt 1854 in Sullivan Co NY.


James birthdate is determined from the 1870 Sullivan Co NY census where he is listed as being 16 years old.


James M. married Sally A._____ ?.


82. Alice A. Purvis (David J.3, James2, George1). Born abt 1857 in Sullivan Co NY.


Alice’s year of birth is determined from the 1870 Sullivan Co. NY census where she is listed as being 13 years old.


83. George W. Purvis (Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 15 Feb 1843.



        114              i.            George W.


84. Mary Esther Purvis (Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 16 Feb 1845. Mary Esther died in Monticello, NY, on 10 Jun 1932; she was 87. Buried in Orchard St. Cemetery, Livingston Manor, NY.


Living in what was still much of a wilderness, young men of these parts were raised to be hunters and fishermen. Mary’s husband, John Schriber was no exception. Much of one's survival was dependent on the local game and fish. Deer were very plentiful in the dense woods and the nearby streams abounded with trout. John and his family surely also had many a meal of wild turkey. pigeons and rabbit and in August, delicious pies were certainly made of the intensely flavorful wild huckleberries.


John also was a farmer, lumberman and bee culturist and had from ninety to one hundred and fifty skeps of bees. The wonderful clover honey he took from the colony was sold for ten cents a pound.


John and Mary's children used the surname Scriber, creating one more permutation of the original German Palatine name, Schreiber.


 They had the following children:

        115              i.            Adelbert Marvin (1865-1948)

        116             ii.            Blake Dixon (1871-1937)

        117            iii.            Bertrand Baynard (1874-1942)

        118             iv.            Carolyn Myrtle (1882-1964)


85. Joseph H. Purvis (Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 9 Jul 1849.


A notice in the December 12, 1884 issue of the Livingston Manor Times states: "I will pay the highest market price for veal or grass calves. J. H. Purvis." In the 1875 Sullivan County Census he is twenty-four yers old and listed as a butcher. In the 1880 census he is twenty-nine and single.


86. Phoebe Purvis (Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 5 Feb 1851. Phoebe died on 29 Nov 1875; she was 24.


Phoebe married George W. Brown.


87. Charles E. Purvis (Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 29 Jun 1854. Charles E. died on 1 Sep 1925; he was 71. Buried in Orchard Street Cemetery, Livingston Manor NY.


It is possible that for a time Charles was the constable of the Town of Rockland NY since an item in the December 5, 1884 issue of the Livingston Manor Times states: "The Rockland Town Board has appointed Plymouth Davis constable in place of Chas. Purvis removed."


Charles spent 14 years in the Middletown State Hospital (a hospital for the mentally insane in Middletown NY) where he died at age 72. The actual reason for his admission is unknown. In those days people were not only admitted for mental illness but for epilepsy, alcoholism, as well as having been incapacitated by a stroke.


88. Walter E. Purvis (Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 31 Jan 1856.


89. Clarinda A. Purvis (Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 24 Apr 1857 in Sullivan Co. NY.


In the 1870 Sullivan Co. census Clarinda, then twelve, is shown living in the household of her grandparents, James and Abigail Purvis, who were then in their seventies. It was about this time that Clarinda’s mother probably died.


90. John O. Purvis (Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 12 Mar 1861.


It is very possible that John’s mother died soon after his birth or at least when he was very young. His father remarried sometime prior to 1870 since John had a step-sister born to his father and step mother in 1872.  John also had a step-brother one year older than himself. It is very possible that his step-mother favored her own son and could help explain John’s way of life.


John's strange lifestyle provided many a story for his great nieces and nephews back in Monticello New York in the early 1900s. His great niece, Emma Jean Scriber Brown, when in her 80s in 1984 shared some of these.


He evidently had gone "out west" after he had been jilted by a lady friend. For many years no one knew anything of his whereabouts and had reconciled themselves to the fact that he was probably dead.


One evening someone showed up at the door of his nephew, Adelbert Scriber's, home in Monticello NY, where his older sister, Mary Esther, was then living. Adelbert's son, John came back and announced that there was a man at the door who "claims he is grandmother's brother". Everyone went quite white with disbelief, thinking he had returned from the dead, but it was indeed her long lost brother, John, back from the west, decked out in a cowboy hat and boots.


The tale goes that "Uncle John Purvis" then moved in and life was quite "interesting" for a while. He evidently had a long gash down the side of his face that he claimed he got from a knife in a fight with an Indian over a squaw.


He took to selling medicine potions and would mix up noxious smelling mixtures in big pots in the family kitchen. He also insisted on dyeing his long johns dark green so they wouldn't show the dirt. They evidently got to smelling so bad sometimes that his sister used to sneak them out to wash them if she could ever catch him not wearing them.


His horse was evidently the neighborhood problem because it was always getting loose and grazing on  prize flowers and vegetables.


Uncle John also evidently drank a lot because his great-neice Emma Jean recalled him tearing up the driveway at full speed one evening on his horse and they thought he would crash into the barn.  His sister said, "What do you think you're doing??" He said matter of factly, " Well.... I'm drunk!"


He made attempts to rekindle his old flame but she was now married and had moved to another town. He still tried to see her but she wanted nothing to do with him. (She probably didn’t like the smell either!) After a while he just left and it is said that he went back out west and was never heard from again.


There is a letter dated July 9 1924 to John O. Purvis in Wheeling WV from the Police Captain of the B&O Railroad regarding a stolen bag of John's. It states that a man was being held in custody for stealing bags but that John's was not found among them in the thief's room.


A Western Union telegram was sent by John from Houston TX in March of 1928 to his nephew, Adelbert M. Scriber, stating that he was very ill and requested that $100.00 be wired to him.  Another Western Union telegram was sent by John at another time (date not noted) from Bennington OK stating that he was "down sick" and requesting that $100.00 be wired to him.


A handwritten letter from John, dated December 5, 1928 from Houston TX to his nephew, A. M. Scriber claimed that he had been in the hospital and had two operations for fistula piles "without perfect satisfaction". He went on to say that he now had the grip and no overcoat and that a blizzard was staring him in the face. He asked that $50.00 be sent to him as well as  an overcoat "not too heavy in weight". (One can't help but wonder about blizzards in Houston !) The only return address was Houston TX G.D.


A receipt for Telegraphic Money Order shows that $100.00 was sent to J.O. Purvis by A. M. Scriber on July 10, 1929. Apparently his nephew continued to help  financially support him. John apparently remained a bachelor. Not surprising!


91. Annette "Nettie" A. Purvis (Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 20 May 1872.


In the December 19, 1884 issue of the Livingston Manor Times, Nettie Purvis is noted as receiving 70%  on a school examination.


On October 14, 1897, Nettie signed an autograph book of her niece's, Carolyn Scriber. “No Life can be well indeed that has not been well spent. Your auntie, Nettie A. Purvis”. (Nettie was only ten years older than her niece, Carolyn)


Nettie was a teacher in Emmonville.


92. Cloudley Mills (Olive J. Purvis3, James2, George1).


93. Leland S. Purvis (James C.3, James2, George1). Born on 12 Sep 1871 in Livingston Manor NY. Leland S. died in Old Forge, on 12 Oct 1933; he was 62.


Leland died a bachelor and left a fairly large estate for those times, amounting to at least $60,000.00. In 1933 this was a considerable amount of money. He willed the greater part of his estate ($48,000.00) to Syracuse University. It is not known why he left it to this institution since he was not a college graduate. His other bequests were as follows: $1,500.00 to the Livingston Manor Methodist Church, $1000.00 to the Livingston Manor Presbyterian Church, $1,000.00 to the Livingston Manor Methodist Cemetery, $1,500.00 to God's Bible Schooland Mission Training Home in Cincinnati OH, $2,000.00 to the Salvation Army, $1,000.00 to the Sullivan County SPCA, and $1,500.00 each to the Liberty Hospital and the Monticello Hospital. It is said that he had inherited a considerable fortune from his father.


Leland was an amateur taxidermist.


94. Florence B. Purvis (Samuel S.3, James2, George1). Born on 1 Dec 1858. Florence B. died on 20 Jan 1950; she was 91.


95. Estella Purvis (Samuel S.3, James2, George1).


96. Alwelda Purvis (Samuel S.3, James2, George1).


97. May Purvis (Samuel S.3, James2, George1).



Fifth Generation

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


98. Lillian Frances Jackson (Isaac Henry4, William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1). Born on 1 May 1876 in Abilene KS. Lillian Frances died in Abilene KS, in 1986; she was 109.


Lillian taught school at the Fort Hall Indian Reservation in Idaho for a while.


On 4 Jul 1906 when Lillian Frances was 30, she married ? Woodruff.


They had one child:

                             i.            Frank Jackson (1907-)


99. Frank Jackson (Isaac Henry4, William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1). Born in Mar 1878.


100. Charles Benton Jackson (Isaac Henry4, William John3, Jane Purvis2, George1). Born on 27 Jun 1880. Charles Benton died on 9 Jun 1902; he was 21.


101. Agnes Isabelle Purvis (Aaron Royston4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 7 Jul 1876.


Agnes Isabelle married Noah L. Peterson.


They had one child:

                             i.            Royston


102. Charlotte Purvis (Aaron Royston4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 5 Aug 1880.


Charlotte married ? Many.


They had one child:

                             i.            Clarence


103. Lottie Bennett (Mary Jane Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 10 Apr 1866.


104. Inez Bennett (Mary Jane Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 29 Feb 1868.


105. Raymond Bennett (Mary Jane Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 12 Jul 1871.


On 16 Jan 1899 when Raymond was 27, he married Carrie Weise. Born on 7 Dec 1878. Carrie died on 7 Dec 1900; she was 22.


106. Nettie R. Bennett (Mary Jane Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 9 Sep 1874.


On 10 Oct 1894 when Nettie R. was 20, she married Lynn Dodge. Born on 26 Nov 1871.


107. Erford S. Bennett (Mary Jane Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 17 Jul 1877.


108. Luella J. Bennett (Mary Jane Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 17 Mar 1881.


109. Edith P. Bennett (Mary Jane Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 6 Oct 1885.


110. John E. Bennett (Charlotte Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 5 Mar 1871.


On 30 Mar 1903 when John E. was 32, he married Grace Polhemus.


111. Mary J. Bennett (Charlotte Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 29 Oct 1873.


On 29 Jun 1891 when Mary J. was 17, she married Charles E. Roberts.


112. Florence H. Bennett (Charlotte Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 8 Nov 1876.


113. Homer M. Bennett (Charlotte Purvis4, Manley Alexander3, William2, George1). Born on 12 Sep 1878.


On 3 Oct 1904 when Homer M. was 26, he married Louise J. Townsend.


114. George W. Purvis II (George W.4, Thomas D.3, James2, George1).


In the November 7, 1884 edition of the Livingston Manor Times it states: "Geo. W. Purvis Jr. has sold his team of sorrel horses and made another purchase."


This same newspaper states on December 12, 1884: "Geo. W. Purvis Jr. was called to Goshen last week to be examined for an increase in pension."


115. Adelbert Marvin Scriber (Mary Esther Purvis4, Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 5 Jan 1865 in Livingston Manor, NY. Adelbert Marvin died in Monticello, NY, on 13 Aug 1948; he was 83. Buried in Orchard St. Cemetery,Livingston Manor NY.


After Adelbert's father had sold his farm the family moved to Parksville NY where his father operated a general store. When only five years old, on his  very first day of school, along with his school chums, Joe Stewart and Bill Lawrence, Adelbert attempted to climb onto an ox- drawn wagon filled with sand, to hitch a ride to school (as was commonly done by boys in those days). His foot caught in the spoke of the wheel, which he was using to hoist himself up, and the cart began to move, dragging him and twisting his leg around and around. The wagon was finally stopped by a man by the name of George Mitchell, who had a combined furniture and undertaking business on a near-by corner. In later years Adelbert said at this point he was "pretty near ready for George Mitchell's undertaking shop"!


His father, whose store was nearby, came running and applied a tourniquet. Evidently there were no doctors in this tiny village so two riders set out on horseback to neighboring villages. One headed to Liberty which was five miles away and the other to Rockland, fourteen miles distant. Adelbert was taken to his home to wait. First to arrive by horse and buggy were Dr. Watkins and Dr. Webster of Liberty. Dr. Tuttle of Rockland eventually arrived on the scene as well.


  His leg could not be saved so was amputated just below the knee. During his recovery a local man known for his highly exaggerated regional tales of lore, Johnny Darling, entertained him with these stories. Those were later told by A.M. (as he was called) to his grandchildren.  Many years later a collection of Johnny Darling's stories was eventually published by an author named M. Jagendorf and A.M. Scriber is credited in this book as a contributor.


Many of the residents of the area took a special interest in this young boy who had suffered an undeserved accident. One in particular was the attorney, Peter B. Akens, who felt that Adelbert had the makings of a fine lawyer. Adelbert was in the debating club in high school and participated in one to two debates per week at which Mr. Akens was generally present. Adelbert later said that he would either "condemn or compliment me" but often helped him find sources for his material. Mr. Akens had intended for Adelbert to join his law office once he had graduated from school.


Adelbert said that at that point in time he knew of four lawyers who were spending their last days in the poor house and he didn't want to be the fifth. The profession of law was not all that prosperous in those days. During his high school days Adelbert was writing articles on local happenings for the Jeffersonville Record. Then a new newspaper called The Willowemoc Times was established in Livingston Manor by Moses H. Pride and Adelbert was offered the opportunity to write for this paper. He went to their office  twice a day, before and after school, and did a variety of other jobs there as well. Over time he decided that he really enjoyed this sort of work and gave up the idea of law altogether. By the time he was seventeen he was the editor and proprietor of his own little newspaper called The Livingston Manor Times. He was said to have been the youngest editor in New York State at that time.  After doing this for two years he sold it and joined the staff of The Homer Republican in the town of Homer NY. He boarded at the Homer Hotel while there.


After being there nearly one year he came home for a vacation and was invited to Monticello by Mr. Barnum who was the editor of The Republican Watchman. Mr. Barnum needed additional help on the printing of a law case of five or six hundred pages (The Bethel Appeal Case). Monticello was twenty-five miles away and Adelbert, although eighteen years old, had never been there before. It was quite a distance to go by horse, so he took the train from Livingston Manor to Fallsburgh and the mailman brought him to Monticello via horse and wagon. 


He agreed to help Mr. Barnum during his four week vacation. In the four weeks that Adelbert was in Monticello, he was very taken with the charm of the village and the friendliness and kindness of its people. He made a decision that he would not return to Homer and since there was still much to do for Mr. Barnum, told him that he would stay on until this work was completed. He took on additional projects of hand-setting the type for the printing of the laws of New York State, which were to be published in the Republican Watchman and at night he went over to another newspaper, the Sullivan County Republican, where he helped set up some laws for their printing.


Mr. Barnum came to Adelbert one day and said that his foreman, Frank Holmes was not well and was taking a leave of absence, and asked if Adelbert could fill in as his "assistant" for nine dollars a week, which was one dollar less than Mr. Holmes was paid.  In these days this was considered a large salary for a printer. Adelbert agreed to this and received instructions from Mr. Holmes on how to care for the cylinder and job presses and the other work that he would be responsible for. Within two weeks Mr. Holmes was dead.


Shortly afer the funeral, Mr. Barnum offered Adelbert the job as foreman for ten dollars a week and he accepted. Ten dollars went a long way in those days. Adelbert boarded at the Dutcher house which was adjacent to the Methodist Church on Broadway and board was only three dollars a week which included ham, eggs, chicken, a lovely room and comfortable bed.


In 1895 he was offered a half-interest in the newspaper. Unknown to all at that time was the fact that Mr. Barnum did not own the newspaper, but it was owned by  Judge George Beebe, and he now intended to sell it.  Judge Beebe wanted a down payment of one thousand dollars, meaning that Mr. Barnum and Adelbert would have to each put in five hundred dollars. Adelbert's salary had by then increased to eleven dollars and fifty cents per week and he had managed to save only a total of about thirty dollars by then in that he had purchaed the Livingston Manor house. His only hope was to borrow the money. After making some inquiries he heard that a local hardware clerk, John Armstrong, had sold his property and now had two thousand dollars to invest. By the time Adelbert reached him though he had just loaned seventeen hundred of this to someone else and had only three hundred of it left. Adelbert left thinking that that just wouldn't do but shortly returned deciding that three hundred was not too far from the total necessary. Mr. Armstrong said that collateral was unnecessary but they did agree to have Dr. Cauthers endorse the loan for him. Adelbert left with the three hundred dollars in his pocket wondering how he would get another one hundred and seventy-five to add to his own meager twenty-five.


He then heard that "Old Uncle Jimmy Geraghty", who was a friend, had some money to loan. He and his brother, Bert, went by horseback to Geraghty's home that evening.  Uncle Jimmy answered the door and was delighted to see them, offering them cider and apples. After some cider, apples and chit-chat, Adelbert told him about his agreeing to purchase the half-interest and his need for the money. Uncle Jimmy said he could have it and and even more if he wanted it. He went to a cupboard and removed some dishes and dug around in the recesses coming out with a handfull of bills. After counting it though found he was a bit short, so went upstairs and came back with the additional needed. Adelbert was able to pay back Uncle Jimmy within a year but Mr. Armstrong let his note run on for three or four years until he was ready to build.


.In addition to being a newspaper editor he was writing some historical fiction. He published his own novel in 1906, based on the Battle of Minisink, entitled "Old Jed" and completed another entitled, "Deacon Davey", which never was published.


 Adelbert had an artificial leg in his later years which was molded of metal and painted flesh color. His stump slid into the hollow and it was strapped on. He walked a bit stiffly, always with a cane but this condition had been so a part of his being from age five that it seemed part of his normal personna.


In the spring of 1909 Mr. Barnum died at his farm east of Monticello. Adelbert remembered him as a very generous man. On occasion he would hand Adelbert an extra twenty dollars as a bonus for a job well done, or a turkey at Thanksgiving. As a wedding gift he gave the newly weds a set of dishes worth seventy-five dollars, which according to Adelbert, was a tremendous price in those days. Adelbert reminisced with great pride that he was worthy of being a business partner of the likes of George Barnum. Mr. Barnum had been a court stenographer and one of the first to learn short-hand. He had been offered a professorship in astronomy at the University of Chicago in the 1870s because of his incredibly accurate tracing of a comet. The newspapers had reported his work and he received a great deal of publicity.


Only six months after Mr. Barnum's death a fire broke out in the newspaper office which was in the brick Masonic building in Monticello. The files were carried out to the lawn of the adjacent court house and thus saved. Two years later Adelbert bought out the Barnum interest of the business and paid the heirs fifty- five hundred dollars and assumed the indebtedness for the new presses and equipment that were replaced after the fire. He also gave Barnum's widow one thousand of the insurance money for the loss of the plant, making him now sole owner. Later Adelbert built a new building to house this business on what was the old Waller property,  a block long, and which Adelbert now owned. The post office was also on this piece of property. The business grew and included a Webb, Book, and three job presses as well as three linotype machines.


        Adelbert became quite active in politics and held various offices over the years.  He was secretary, treasurer and chairman of the State Democratic Committee all at the same time due to the simultaneous resignation of these officers who refused to support Hearst, who was running for Governor. This put him in a very responsible and laborious position which he upheld for a year and then also resigned. Often he contributed large sums of money from his own pocket to help promote candidates.


        He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church in Monticello NY and licensed to preach. He was also a member of the school board, on the board of Education, served twelve years on the Water Board and was Deputy Grand Master of the Oddfellow Lodge in Monticello.  In 1930 he was appointed by FDR (then Gov. of NY) as a member of the Washington Memorial Commission of New York State. He was also the President of the Sullivan County Historical Society that same year. It appears that he gave greatly both physically and monetarily to his community. As adults his children always said that he could have been a very wealthy man but he gave to people who were needy never expecting to be paid back and always was contributing to various causes..


Early in his newspaper career he became an acquaintance of Franklin Delano Roosevelt and in supporting him politically Secretary of the Navy on to Senator, Governor and to President of the United States continued a regular ongoing correspondence with him throughout his entire adult life. A collection of these original letters (both his and Roosevelt's) are in the archives at the Roosevelt Library in Hyde Park NY.


In 1936 Adelbert was asked to be a Democratic Presidential Elector from New York State. He traveled to Albany with the other electors to cast his vote for Roosevelt for his second term of office.


On the eve of December 13, 1942 a devastating fire broke out at the newspaper plant.. Everything was lost including one hundred sixteen years of newspaper files that Adelbert had intended to use as sources for a county history as well as a manuscript entitled "Fifty Years A Country Editor" that he had near completion. It was ready to send out to Bobbs-Merrill for publishing on Monday morning. The carbon copies unfortunately were filed in this building as well. Some of the newspaper files were saved having been carted out in time but many of those were very charred. The loss was estimated in the range of two hundred thousand dollars which was quite a staggering amount in those days. The loss of historical material was beyond estimation.


Adelbert died of heart failure in his sleep at the age of 83. His obituary was written up in the New York Times (August 14, 1948)


On 26 Apr 1899 when Adelbert Marvin was 34, he married Susan Wilkes Osborn, daughter of Lewis Vultie Osborn (10 Jun 1833-21 Oct 1881) & Harriet Elizabeth Gardner (18 Apr 1835-5 Mar 1897), in Monticello, NY. Born on 8 Oct 1867 in Centerville NY (now Woodridge NY). Susan Wilkes died in Monticello, NY, on 17 Jun 1933; she was 65. Buried in Orchard St. Cemetery,Livingston Manor, NY.



They had the following children:

                             i.            John Osborn (1904-1966)

                            ii.            Elizabeth Esther (1906-1980)

                           iii.            Emma Jean (1909-1996)

                           iv.            Donald Adelbert (1911-1911)


116. Blake Dixon Scriber (Mary Esther Purvis4, Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 30 May 1871 in Livingston Manor NY. Blake Dixon died in 1937; he was 65.


On 2 Oct 1893 when Blake Dixon was 22, he married Harriet Wolcott, daughter of Ira Wolcott & Paulina ?. Born in Jun 1876 in NY.


They had one child:

                             i.            Blake Leroy "Roy" (1907-)


117. Bertrand Baynard Scriber (Mary Esther Purvis4, Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 20 Nov 1874 in Livingston Manor NY. Bertrand Baynard died in Monticello NY, in Mar 1942; he was 67.


He was always known as "Bert" and was employed as a writer for the Republican Watchman, a Sullivan Co NY weekly newspaper which was owned and edited by his brother Adelbert. For a while he was a member of the hardware firm of Hindley and Scriber in Monticello NY. He had an outstanding sense of humor and a beautiful singing voice. He often sang in local musical productions. He was also an avid fisherman and hunter.


On 30 Jul 1917 when Bertrand Baynard was 42, he married Daisy"Champ" Champlin, daughter of William H. Champlin & Jennie Gillespie, in Utica NY. Born in 1880 in Oneida NY.


118. Carolyn Myrtle Scriber (Mary Esther Purvis4, Thomas D.3, James2, George1). Born on 16 May 1882. Carolyn Myrtle died on 11 Jul 1964; she was 82.


Carolyn was very musical and loved to sing and play the piano. The following ad was found in the May 18, 1917 edition of The Republican Watchman (the newspaper that her brother, Adelbert, published): "Music Lessons- 25 cents per lesson. I am organizing a class of beginners. It is important to begin right. Call at my home, 371 Broadway at 4  o'clock. Carolyn M. Scriber."  Carolyn would have been twenty-five at this time.


In May 1928 when Carolyn Myrtle was 45, she married John Peter Williams, a widower.








       Cecelia                                                                   spouse of 61

       Abby M.                                                                 spouse of 35

       Betsy Jane                                                              spouse of 34

       Dorothy                                                                 parent of spouse of 7

       Elizabeth/Sally                                                       spouse of 1

       Lydia J.                                                                   spouse of 36

       Mary “Polly”                                                           spouse of 4

       Paulina                                                                   parent of spouse of 116

       Rachel                                                                    parent of spouse of 3

       Rachel                                                                    parent of spouse of 8

       Sally A.                                                                   spouse of 81

       Sarah                                                                      spouse of 28

       Estella                                                                    spouse of 11


       Emma Jane                                                             spouse of 62


       Abner                                                                     spouse of 71

       Edith P.                                                                  109

       Erford S.                                                                107

       Florence H.                                                            112

       Homer M.                                                              113

       Inez                                                                        104

       John E.                                                                  110

       Lottie                                                                     103

       Luella J.                                                                  108

       Mary J.                                                                   111

       Milton P.                                                                spouse of 72

       Nettie R.                                                                106

       Raymond                                                               105


       John A. (Van)                                                        parent of spouse of 22

       Phoebe (Van)                                                         spouse of 22


       George W.                                                             spouse of 86


       Sophia                                                                    spouse of 35


       Mary Ann                                                              spouse of 14

       William                                                                  parent of spouse of 14


       Daisy"Champ"                                                       spouse of 117

       William H.                                                             parent of spouse of 117


       Nathan                                                                  spouse of 59


       Amariah                                                                 spouse of 10

       Amariah                                                                 parent of spouse of 74

       Ebenezer                                                                parent of spouse of 10

       George P.                                                               48

       George P.                                                               spouse of 74


       Lynn                                                                      spouse of 106


       Mary Jane                                                               spouse of 70


       Mary                                                                       parent of spouse of 22


       George                                                                   spouse of 64


       Harriet Elizabeth                                                    parent of spouse of 115


       Louis                                                                      spouse of 60


       Jennie                                                                    parent of spouse of 117


       ?                                                                             parent of spouse of 36

       Anna Marie                                                            spouse of 36


       Nancy                                                                    spouse of 5


       Philinda                                                                 spouse of 24

       Philinda                                                                 parent of spouse of 48


       Aaron Kelly                                                            66

       Abigail                                                                    spouse of 8

       Alma Adna                                                             63

       Charles                                                                  13

       Charles Benton                                                     100

       Darius                                                                    18

       David                                                                     parent of spouse of 3

       David                                                                     parent of spouse of 8

       Frank                                                                     99

       George                                                                   20

       George Washington                                              56

       Harriet                                                                   15

       Harriet Ellen                                                          60

       Henry                                                                     12

       Isaac                                                                       spouse of 3

       Isaac Henry                                                            62

       Jane                                                                        21

       John William                                                         61

       Julia Ann                                                               59

       Lillian Frances                                                       98

       Louis Edgar                                                            67

       Margaret                                                                 16

       Martha Elizabeth                                                   58

       Mary Adeline                                                         64

       Nancy Jane                                                            57

       Oscar Darius                                                          65

       Pattie                                                                      17

       Sarah Ann                                                             19

       William John                                                         14


       Amos                                                                      spouse of 63


       Sarah H                                                                  parent of spouse of 10


       Nancy                                                                    parent of spouse of 14


       David J.                                                                  spouse of 50


       Daniel Schoonmaker                                             parent of spouse of 42

       Jane                                                                        spouse of 42


       Harvey                                                                    spouse of 25


       Cassie                                                                     spouse of 67


       ?                                                                             spouse of 102

       Clarence                                                                child of 102


       Cloudley                                                                92

       Cornelius                                                               spouse of 39


       Daniel                                                                    spouse of 26


       Lewis Vultie                                                           parent of spouse of 115

       Susan Wilkes                                                         spouse of 115


       Sarah                                                                      parent of spouse of 42


       Noah L.                                                                 spouse of 101

       Royston                                                                 child of 101


       Grace                                                                     spouse of 110


       Albert                                                                     77

       Daniel Jacob                                                          spouse of 27

       Earl Truman                                                           79

       Irving                                                                     78


       ?                                                                             37

       ?                                                                             46

       ?                                                                             47

       ?                                                                             6

       Aaron Royston                                                      70

       Agnes Isabelle                                                        101

       Alice A.                                                                  82

       Alice G.                                                                  spouse of 48

       Alice G.                                                                  74

       Alwelda                                                                  96

       Andrew                                                                  5

       Annette "Nettie" A.                                               91

       Austin                                                                    49

       Charles E.                                                              87

       Charlotte                                                               102

       Charlotte                                                               72

       Charlotte                                                               25

       Clarinda A.                                                            89

       David J.                                                                  35

       Dolly                                                                      26

       Elda                                                                        75

       Elizabeth                                                                23

       Emmalissa                                                              55

       Estella                                                                    95

       Florence B.                                                             94

       George                                                                   1

       George II                                                                2

       George                                                                   80

       George W.                                                             83

       George W. II                                                          114

       George W.                                                             34

       Harriet                                                                   38

       Harriet L.                                                               54

       James                                                                      8

       James C. II                                                             41

       James M.                                                                81

       Jane                                                                        53

       Jane                                                                        3

       John                                                                       44

       John E.                                                                  69

       John O.                                                                  90

       Joseph                                                                    30

       Joseph G.                                                               40

       Joseph H.                                                               85

       Leland S.                                                                93

       Manley Alexander                                                  22

       Margaret                                                                 31

       Mary                                                                       32

       Mary Ann                                                              51

       Mary Esther                                                           84

       Mary Jane                                                               71

       May                                                                        97

       Nancy                                                                    10

       Nancy                                                                    parent of spouse of 74

       Olive                                                                      27

       Olive J.                                                                   39

       Orrin C.                                                                 52

       Paulina                                                                   73

       Phoebe                                                                   86

       Sally                                                                       9

       Samantha Jane                                                       33

       Samuel                                                                   11

       Samuel S.                                                               42

       Sarah                                                                      29

       Sarah Ann                                                             43

       Satilla “Estella”                                                      50

       Thomas D.                                                             7

       Thomas D.                                                             36

       Truman                                                                  28

       Walter E.                                                               88

       William                                                                  45

       William                                                                  4

       William II                                                              76

       William C.                                                             24

       William C.                                                             parent of spouse of 48

       William W.                                                            68


       Katherine”Kate”                                                    spouse of 41


       Charles E.                                                              spouse of 111


       Sadie                                                                      spouse of 65


       Aaron                                                                     spouse of 57


       Philip                                                                     parent of spouse of 84


       Adelbert Marvin                                                     115

       Bertrand Baynard                                                   117

       Blake Dixon                                                           116

       Blake Leroy "Roy"                                                  child of 116

       Carolyn Myrtle                                                      118

       Donald Adelbert                                                    child of 115

       Elizabeth Esther                                                     child of 115

       Emma Jean                                                             child of 115

       John Eli                                                                 spouse of 84

       John Osborn                                                          child of 115


       ?                                                                             spouse of 32


       Phebe                                                                     spouse of 7

       Tristan                                                                   parent of spouse of 7


       Erastus                                                                   spouse of 51

       James Emmett                                                        spouse of 33


       Mary                                                                       spouse of 66


       Lewis                                                                      spouse of 58


       Louise J.                                                                 spouse of 113


       Marilla                                                                    spouse of 48


       Carrie                                                                     spouse of 105


       John Peter                                                              spouse of 118


       Harriet                                                                   spouse of 116

       Ira                                                                          parent of spouse of 116


       ?                                                                             spouse of 98

       Frank Jackson                                                        child of 98


       Mary "Polly"                                                           parent of spouse of 84

I wish to thank the numerous Purvis cousins who have so generously shared their family data with me. It is with their help that many voids have been filled. As genealogists well know building a genealogy is always an ongoing process so therefore additions and corrections to this genealogy are most welcome. Please send these to Webmaster Harold Van Aken (



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Melba Preece Mesa AZ (Purvis descendant and genealogist)

Garron Woodruff  Westminster CO (Purvis descendant and genealogist)

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Harold Van Aken Wallkill NY(Webmaster and historian)

Evelyn Boyle Livingston Manor NY (Historian)

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Irene Barnhart Lew Beach NY

The History of Sullivan County 1873 James Eldridge Quinlan

The Lord of the Waughmaughkill 1986 James H. Sliter

The Beaverkill Valley 1999 Joan Powell and Irene Barnhart

Van Benschoten Family in America 1907 W. H. Van Benschoten

The Memoirs of Adelbert M. Scriber 1935

Obituary of James Purvis 1876

Obituary of Mary Esther Purvis 1932

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Census records of Sullivan Co. NY

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