CMC17 - full version - Munsell Conversion Software for PC



* 3D Display of Color Palette

 - Rotating 3D display of a user generated palette of colors

 - Rotate, tilt, magnify & pan a palette of colors.

 - Palette generation by measuring with a spectrophotometer or entering colors with the Munsell Conversion Screen

Palette generated from an image can be displayed

 - Visually compare 2 selected colors in the palette

 - Import Palette into Excel for data analysis


* Spectrophotometer Drivers for the Xrite CE7000/A, CE2180, XTH/S, Ci5, Ci7, Spectrolino, SpectroEye

 Measure a sample with the spectrophotometer and all displays update with the measured color

* Includes all the features of CMC basic

 - Display of Hue Page for any selected Hue

 - Display of Value Page for any selected Value

 - Illuminants C-2 (standard), D65-10 & D5000-2

 - Conversion to D65-10 and D5000-2 is based on a sRGB transformation

 - Converts RGB to XYZ, L*a*b*, Munsell Notation 

 - Enter any color space and it will compute the others. (e.g. Enter RGB and it will compute HVC, XYZ, xyY, L*a*b*, CMYK)

 - Conversion is based on ASTM D1535 tables

 - Displays Color on screen


 - Hue Page displays all colors of a selected hue or a scrollbar can scroll through the hue pages

 - Selecting a color patch will convert from RGB and display all color spaces on the basic page

 - The selected Hue Page can be printed


 - Value Page displays all colors of a selected Value or a scrollbar can scroll through the different value pages

 - Selecting a color patch will convert from RGB and display all color spaces on the basic page and select the hue page

 - The selected Value page can be printed







 - Color Tolerance Page allows setting a standard Color displayed in the center and then display a Lighter & Darker pair, Redder & Greener, Yellower & Bluer in L*a*b* color space. The tolerance of DL*, Da*, Db* can be set

 - The Color Tolerance Set can be Printed




* Image Analysis of JPG, BMP or TIFF pictures.

 - Open any image on your PC or flash drive

 - Move the cursor over an area of the picture and the Munsell Notation is displayed at the top of the page, Basic page, hue page, value page and Color Tolerance Page.

 - Pixel averaging - 1 to 36

 - Click to display or continuous display 

$15 - License for 2017
Expires Jan 1, 2018

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3D Palette display

Basic Conversion

Hue Page

Value Page

Color Tolerance Page

Image Analysis Page



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