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This is a postcard that says greetings from Roscoe NY. and the caption:
 "Covered bridge on the Willowemoc". 

The covered bridge is indeed "the bridge in town", but it was not in town when this picture was taken. The covered bridge shown is forty-eight feet of the original sixty foot bridge that crossed the Willowemoc River at Jacktown. This bridge still crosses the Willowemoc, but now at the bottom of Conklin Road, above DeBruce. The photograph was taken before the fall of 1970 for this bridge, which survived the flood of 1969, fell into the river during the high water of October of 1970,
the abutment on the right collapsing into the river. - -   Fred

I stopped in to visit your website and opened the misc. page. The nice picture of the covered bridge is that of the Willowemoc Bridge. Site looks nice. Good job. -  Bob Decker

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This is the DeBruce Inn or the Homestead as the caption calls it.

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Lenape Lake Fishing Club
 Livingston Manor, NY

This postcard is 1940s vintage - Dated 10/5 3PM 1948.  Written to my Mother by her Aunt Francis Marble Kaetor.  Uncle Harvey & Aunt Francis were caretakers of this club for a while in the mid to late 40s. 
As a teenager, I remember going there to square dances on a Saturday.  Seemed to be a neighborhood thing for awhile. 

Harriett Schultz

Speaking of stuff from the attic.  This is a scan of the label portion of an (empty) package that we discovered while doing some demolition work on our house in the Manor.  I thought some folks might be interested.  I believe that Stevens had a hardware store in town and apparently received something in this package from Stevens arms in 1909.  Incidentally, the house seems to have been built in 1909 judging from dates on newspapers found under the wall coverings in various rooms.

Bill Roehrig and Sharon Pierson Roehrig