Livingston Manor Map - 1921

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# Name of House Description Submitted by
59 Joe Kerly The Sherwood road was opposite the DeBruce Rd. and ran between the mill race and along side of the house that was Joe Kerlys, Ruth Temples father. Patti
15 York House Orchard Street. Patti
16 Knoll House Orchard Street Patti
23 Charles Woolsey House Weiner wens it now Fred
27 Molitch House   Fred
28 Woolsey House P.H. Woolsey Fred
29 Burr Sherwood House originally built by Wellington Woolsey, P. H.'s son Fred
30 Parks House Anyone know which Parks? Fred
31 Denman House   Fred
43 Meck Schwartz House originally the Johnson house  
44 Spriggs House built by a fellow named Ross Fred
45 Methodist parsonage originally, and still is the Fred
46 Methodist Church Oldest building in town Fred