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Miss. English 1950-1951 I don't believe anyone can forget our time in this English was a "scary" experience. Fran Kurpil
Miss. Austin 1950-1951 Miss Austin was a great English teacher. I remember being comfortable with oral book reports and enjoyed the classes. Fran Kurpil
Mrs. Hasbrouck 1948-49 Mrs. Hasbrouck taught history and current events in a way that was very interesting and memorable. I still remember her class the day that Israel became a state.  Fran Kurpil
Mrs. Wendler 1949-1950 This was my first experience with Biology class and disecting small animals. I enjoyed the hands-on things we did and also the experiments. Mrs. Wendler was a wonderful teacher. Fran Kurpil
Hannah Calhoun 1949-1950 Mrs. Calhoun instilled in us that it was imperative that we be proficient at office skills no matter what life work we were planning. My typing classes have certainly been an asset over the years. My Shorthand was helpful and enjoyable when I did office work. Mrs. Calhoun was an excellent teacher. Fran Kurpil
Thomas Nickou   Mr. Nickou was a teacher for many years, having taught all my children in Biology and Sciences. He was an excellent teacher and most likely was part of the reason that our children went into the sciences...Our daughter Julie is a Pharmacist in Liberty, and our daughter Cynthia is a registered nurse.  Fran Kurpil


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