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Miss Elinor Decker 1949-1950 There is an old WWII Marine saying  that  came  out  of  the battle for Guadalcanal.  "" and  when  he  gets  to heaven, to Saint  Peter he  will tell: one  more Marine  reporting, Sir!  i done my time in hell.  Well, when  that Dear Lady came to those same gates, she too could have  said (referring  to the  time  spent as our class advisor in the Chem. Lab, my class of 49/50 (me  being  one  of  the most to blame) ""Allow this  humble soul to past I've spent my time in hell"".  However she loved every one of us and we,  loved her Gregory De Blase
Mrs. Smith 1962-English
Cutting afternoon English class (with her son) to celebrate someone's 18th birthday at Fanny's
Mr. Brown 1961-Science
Mr. Brown covered with bees when his hive he had in the window was left open and all the bees were flying around the Science room
Mr. Muhlig 1958-math
Mr. Muhlig reaching out into the hall and grabbing a running kid (Ray Zack??) by the neck and brought him in the room with his feet not touching the floor.
  '70's Last week, during the big wind storm, a large spruce came down on the lawn of Russell Stahl's house on Church Street and pulled off the electric service from his garage. Some of you may remember Russell as the science teacher who came to Livingston Manor during the mid 60's. As I was helping him reattach the meter and cable back on the building, he shared a Charlie Muhlig story with me.

As Russell and other teachers were lounging in the teachers' room at LMCS, Charlie Muhlig, who was toward the end of his teaching career, walked in. Now Charlie was not one who frequented the teachers' room, and when he sat down, appeared somewhat dejected. Those in the room knew something had happened. "What's wrong?" they asked.
"I guess it is finally time for me to retire," answered Charlie. "I
had two boys cutting up in the back of the room of my algebra class and when I went back there and glared at them, it had no effect on them."
Those who remember Charlie knew of his disciplinary ways.
  late 50's During my years of going to LMCS, each class seemed to have a cut-up or two, who would eventually cross paths with Mr. Muhlig. Al Larsen reminded me the other day of a Charlie Muhlig story which involved one of the Welch boys.
Though there may be more rules and regulations in our schools today than in the past, those that were in effect years ago were probably more rigorously enforced. Hallway etiquette was a mainstay in school order; always walk on the right side of the hall and absolutely no running down the hall. Between classes, the hallway traffic was policed by the Hall Patrol, appointed from our own ranks, and violations were punishable offenses. During class, though, it was the teachers who maintained order down the supposed vacant corridors.
As some of you may remember, Charlie's classroom was midway down the main hall, just up from the water fountain. During one of his math classes, Charlie heard the unmistakable clatter of someone running down the hall. By the time he could get to his door, the runner was gone, but he did spy Bunk Welch lapping up water at the water fountain  just down the hall. Returning into his classroom, he stayed close to the door and sure enough the clatter of running feet started up again, and was coming in his direction. Just as Charlie sensed that the culprit was approaching his room, he stuck his long arm out from the open door and into the hallway, just about neck high. The speedster was clotheslined by Charlie's maneuver, and fell into a heap on the floor. As Charlie went out to investigate the results, he found that the miscreant was indeed Bunk. As Charlie's large frame loomed over the fallen hall outlaw he said , in his slow drawl, "Now Bunk, my boy, you know you're not suppose to be running in the hall!"
  Class of 1975 I remember Mr. Muhlig's Algebra, Trig, and Geometry classes!  How he ever put up with me--I don't know!  I wrote a poem in the LMCS Centralian about his math class Susan Strom
Mrs. Connelly 1957 Sent a sympathy card to my family when our father passed away in May,1957.  Still have the card to this day. Rena Turk-Mullins
  1969 1969 was my first year at LMCS and Mrs Connely was my 6th grade homeroom teacher.  Years later she sent a card to me upon my graduation (1975).  Susan Strom
Mrs Bjorn 1969(?) English - Thank you for your kind words and patience!  Susan Shiloh
Mr. Frank Gibson 1976 Taught Gym  
Patsy Krug Class of 1975 I don't know how she ever put up with me--what a pain I was!  Thank you for your perseverance! Susan Shiloh
Mrs Hobbs 1969 Taught algebra.  I enjoyed her class--learned alot Susan Strom

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