What Became of the Class Members in Vietnam

7/7/66, LMT
“Pfc Wayne Levitt, grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Quick is home from Fort Polk, La., on 10-day furlough which will run to July 11. Wayne is now a first aid instructor.”

7/7/66, LMT
“Seaman Herbert D Rogers is home on leave until august 1. He has been on carrier escort duty on the USS Waderburn in the Far East. The ship’s home port is San Diego.”

7/14/66, LMT
“Stephan P Baldwin, son of Mrs. Charles R Baldwin of 21 Spring Street, Livingston Manor has been promoted to airman first class in the US Air Force.
“Airman Baldwin is a finance specialist at Albrook SAFBCZ. He is a member of the US Air Force’s southern command which conducts special training and administers military assistance plans and program in Latin America.
“The airman is a graduate of Livingston Manor Central School.

7/21/66, LMT
“Mr. and Mrs. Victor Diescher are spending several days at Cape cod and will visit their son A/#/C Richard Diescher at Otis AFB.”

7/21/66, LMT
“Frederick Koons, son of Mr. and Mrs. Delos Koons and Jim Sherwood, son of Mrs. Frances Sherwood, are in the US Army as of July 18. They reported at Fort Hamilton and were sent on to Fort Jackson, South Carolina, South Carolina for further orders.”

7/21/66, LMT
“Charles Banks, while home on vacation from buffalo where he has been employed by Unuion Carbide was called for his army physical examination.”

7/28/66, LMT
“S/Sgt Willard Green and A-2-C Robert Eugeni, both stationed at Cam Rhan Bay, South Vietnam, have been unable to get together but are hoping to meet in the near future.”

8/4/66, LMT
“Airman Second Class Bruce H Allen, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dumrose, after a 30 day furlough, has a new address; A/@/C Bruce H Allen…Plattsburgh AFB.”

8/4/66, LMT
“Airman First Class Richard Diescher of Otis Air Force Base, Mass., has been awarded the Air Force Good Conduct medal for his demonstration and exemplary behavior, efficiency and fidelity over the past three years.
“Airman Diescher, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Victor Diescher, Sr., is presently in charge of flight simulator at the base training school.”

8/4/66, LMT
“Sp/4 Wayne Levitt, instructor in the emergency medical company in the Plans and Training Department of the US Army Medical Company of Fort Polk, La., is being schooled by the signal corps to obtain a license to use a projector for teaching purposes.”

8/11/66, LMT
“Dale S Smith, Yeoman Class A, US Navy is now stationed at Arlington, Va., and is working in communications in the office of Naval Intelligence, Washington D.C.”

8/18/66, LMT
“Here’s news of one of our hometown boys, Billy Alexander, who moved to California last year. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. William L Alexander and entered the Air Force July 25, 1966.”

8/18/66, LMT
“John DuMond and William Roser entered the army on August 9 and are temporarily stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.”

8/18/66, LMT
“Anthony Simpson, En., with his wife and daughter, Traci, after a week’s leave August 17, spent with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Simpson, returned to the Naval Base at Norfolk, Va. He is now out on a Mediterranean cruise.”

9/15/66, LMT
“An army unit that took part in the Philippine Insurrection of 1899-1903 has again arrived in the far east for combat service. The 11th
Cavalry Regiment landed this week.
“The highly mobile regiment was last stationed at Fort George Meade, Md.
“Two local men, Private First Class Stanley McArthur, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley McArthur of Livingston Manor and Private First Class Michael McDoal, son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McDoal of Roscoe were scheduled to accompany the unit in troop H of the regimen’s Second Reconnaisance Squadron.
“McArthur entered the army November 1965. He graduated from Liberty Central School.:

9/15/66, LMT
“Miss Irene Conroy, daughter of G Sgt. And Mrs. Robert B Conroy of Portsmouth, NH, and Airman 2C Thomas Jay Allen, USAF, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dumrose of Livingston Manor were united in marriage at St. Catherine’s Church August 13…
“The couple are making their home at Portsmouth, N.H.
“Mrs. Allen graduated from Portsmouth High School with the class of 1965 and is a student at the University of New Hampshire. Her husband graduated from Livingston Manor Central School in 1964 and is now stationed with the 817 Supply Squadron at Pease AFB.”

9/22/66, LMT
“Airman Carl Eugeni hjas returned to their home in Columbus, Ohio, after a visit here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eugeni.”

10/6/66, LMT
“Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Finkle of Old Morsston Road have announced the engagement of their daughter Katherine May Belle to Corporal Harry James Marshall who is serving the Marines in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Harry is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall of DeBruce Road. They both attended the Livingston Manor Central School.”

6/8/67, LMT
“Mr. and Mrs. Harold VanAken took their son Airman Bob VanAken to Kennedy Airport where he caught a plane for California enroute to Japan where he will be stationed. Bob had been on a 30-day leave. Prior to that he attended school at Offutt AFB, Nebraska.”

6/8/67, LMT
“Pvt. Robert J Bertholf arrived at LaGuardia Airport from Fort Jackson, S.C. His mother, Mrs. Marvin Bertholf ,and brother Dan, also Mr. and Mrs. Merriott Rutherford of Walton were there to pick him up to come home. Bob is on a 21-day leave and will then report to Fort Dix for further duty. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. William Bertholf and family of White Sulphur Springs visited at the senior Bertholf home as did Ronnie Rutherford of Walton.”

6/29/67, LMT
“A/C and Mrs. Carl Eugeni spent a week with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Carl Eugeni. A/C Robert Eugeni, another son of the elder Eugenis from Andrews Air Force Base, Washington, D.C., was here for the weekend. All attended the graduation of David Anderson.”

7/6/67, LMT
“Airman first Class Richard McKune who has been home on a furlough, will leave on July 8 for California and from an airbase there expects to leave for Vietnam

2/22/68, LMT
“Lt. j g Fred Krupp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Krupp of Livingston Manor has been recently discharged after more than three years in the U S Navy. A graduate of Fairleigh-Dickenson University with a B.S., Mr. Krupp is at present studying for his masters’ degree at the SUNY at Albany.
His brother, Bill, is now home, graduating from Air force basic training and technical school at Amirillo, Texas. He will leave on February 28 for Homestead AFB, Fla., for personnel work.”

3/21/68, LMT
“Sp/4 James Sherwood left Monday for Fort Hood, Texas where he will be stationed until July at which time he expects to be discharged from service.”

3/21/68, LMT
“Pvt Richard Roser who went in service in February has been confined to his base hospital with pneumonia. His address is Pvt. Richard J Roser…Co B 7th Battalion, 2nd Training Brigade, Fort Jackson, South Carolina.”

4/4/68, LMT
“Airman First Class Bruce Allen and Mrs. Allen spent a 30 day leave from the Plattsburg Air Force Base with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Jacobs and Mr. and Mrs. John Dumrose of Shandelee Road. On March 31 Mrs. Allen took her husband to Kennedy Airport where he left for California and thence to Vietnam.”

4/4/68, LMT
“William Roberts Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. William Roberts, is home on furlough from his duties in Vietnam.”

4/4/68, LMT
“CMSgt and Mrs. Clarence VanDeusen and family of Griffis Air Force Base, Rome, were weekend visitors of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Corliss VanDeusen.”

4/25/68, LMT
“Sp/4 Fred Koons, son of Mr. and Mrs. Delos Koons of Grooville has returned home Friday night from a 16 month tour of duty in Korea. Sp/4 was a security guard and aide to the Colonel while in Korea. Fred has finished his duties in the service and will be at home for the summer.”

5/16/68, LMT
“Sgt. E5 Charles Banks, son of Mr. Raymond Banks, returned home Monday night on a 30-day furlough from a tour of duty in Korea. Charles expects to report to Fort Hood, Texas, after his furlough. When he reports to Fort Hood he will be at the same base as his brother-in-law James Sherwood.”

5/30/68, LMT
“Sgt. Richard McCune on duty in Vietnam as now been promoted to Staff Sergeant. Dick expects to be coming home in July. His grandmother, Mrs. Mary Cammer has been receiving some of his belongings in preparation to his return home.”

6/27/68, LMT
“Mickey Roser, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Roser of River Street, surprised his parents by arriving hoke from Fort Ord, California, about ten days early. After an 18 days’ leave, he will report to Frankfort Germany for further duty.”

7/13/68, LMT
“Sp/4 Robert Bertholf has returned from Vietnam and is on furlough visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bertholf of Livingston Manor. After his furlough he will report to Fort Benning, Ga., for six months then be discharged from service.”

8/1/68, LMT
“Richard McCune is home on a furlough after spending a full year in Vietnam. He flew into McCloud AFB, Washington and then into Kennedy Airport, arriving home on July 5. On August 6 he will report to March AFB in California where he has extended his enlistment for six months.”

8/1/68, LMT
“Richard Robinson, son of Mrs. Willis May Robinson, has received his discharge from the Army. He returned from Vietnam last month and arrived home on July 22.”

8/15/68, LMT
“SP/4 Elias B Rogers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elias Billings Rogers, arrived home Friday from his tour of duty stationed at Fort Carson, Colorado. On Sunday a welcome home party was given for Elias by his family. Many friends and relatives attended.”

8/23/68, LMT
“Army Private First class Joseph H Hauptfleisch, Jr., 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R Hauptfleisch, School Street, Livingston Manor, was assigned July 27 to the 1st Signal Brigade, US Army Strategic Communications Command near Phu Lam, Vietnam.”

8/22/68, LMT
“Jim Denman, son of Dr. and Mrs. Lewis Denman left Monday for induction into the armed forces. He expects to be stationed at fort Jackson, South Carolina.

8/22/68, LMT
“Frank McGrevy, who has been home on leave from the army, will leave shortly for Panama to undergo advance jungle training after which he will have a tour of duty in Vietnam.”

8/22/68, LMT
“Army Specialist Four Carl T Huber, 19, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles N Huber, Livingston Manor, was assigned July 29 as a construction machine operator in the 62nd Engineer Battalion near Long binh, Vietnam

8/29/68, LMT
“Army Private Richard G Decker, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Decker, DeBruce Road, Livingston Manor, was assigned July 26 as a radio relay and carrier operator in the 1st Signal Brigade near Phu Loi, Vietnam.”

9/5/68, LMT
“Private James Wolcott who left at the same time as Ronald has been transferred from Fort Jackson to an army camp in Missouri for further construction training.”

9/12/68, LMT
“Mrs. Florence Bertholf drove her son SP4 Robert J Bertholf to Kennedy airport where he went by plane to fort Benning, Ga. Bob has had a two week leave because of the death of his grandmother. Mrs. Katherine Klein of White Sulphur Springs also went along to the airport.”

9/12/68, LMT
“John H DuMond son of Mr. and Mrs. Millard C DuMond was promoted to Army specialist five, august 20 near Phu Lam, Vietnam, where he is serving with the US Army Strategic Communications Detachment.
“A technical controller in the unit, Spec. DuMond entered the Army in August 1968.”

9/12/68, LMT
“Private James H Wolcott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard Wolcott of Livingston Manor, graduated from basic training on august 23, at fort Jackson.
“Pvt. Wolcott entered the army on June 17, 1968.
“At present Pvt. Wolcott is training in pioneer engineering at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.”

9/19/68, LMT
“Mr. and Mrs. Walter Weigand and son Don have returned home after spending some time of their vacation with their daughter Linda Spaulding and family in and around Fort Worth, Texas.”

9/19/68, LMT
“Commissary-man Second class Alfred E Welch, USN, 25 son of Mr. and Mrs. Avery A Welch, Sr., and husband of the former Joan M Tyler, all of Livingston Manor is serving aboard the amphibious command ship USS Eldorado with the US Seventh Fleet in the Western Pacific.
“The Eldorado arrived in the western Pacific recently ahead of Typhoon Mary. The typhoon followed the ship for nearly a week but the Eldorado pulled into Subic Bay, republic of the Philippines unharmed…
“When the ship arrived in Danang, South Vietnam it distributed more than 700 pounds of clothing to a refugee center near the navy headquarters.”

9/26/68, LMT
“Pfc. Richard G Decker, 20, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Decker of DeBruce Road, Livingston Manor has been assigned as a radio relay and carrier operator in the First Signal Brigade near Phee Loi, Vietnam.”

“Pfc. Richard Roser, son of Mr. and Mrs. John H Roser, River Street in Livingston Manor, has arrived in Germany and is assigned to the 23d Ordinance Company as a security guard.
“The 23d provides ammunition support to combat units of Seventh Army in Europe. The company is presently observing its 50th Anniversary in World War II, it won five battle streamers at Normandy, Rhineland, Ardennes Alsace, Northern France and Central Europe.
“Roser, 23, attended Livingston Manor Central High School and was employed as a tractor trailer driver with Highway Culvert Corporation in Liberty before entering the service in February this year.
“He took his basic at fort Jackson, South Carolina and advanced infantry training at Fort Ord, California.”

9/26/68, LMT
“SP 4 Robert Bertholf of Fort Benning, Ga., was home on a three-day pass. His mother, Mrs. Mike Bertholf and a friend, Katherine Klein took him to Kennedy airport on Monday.

3/13/69, LMT
“Sgt. John H DuMond of Livingston Manor has been awarded the Army Commendation Medal for exceptional meritorious service in Vietnam during October of 1968. The sergeant, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Millard DuMond, is now stationed in Washington D.C.”

5/8/69, LMT
“Harry Squires, son of Mr., and Mrs. Fred Squires of High Street, is on leave visiting his family. Harry is serving with the Marine Corps.”

5/8/69, LMT
“Seaman Rudy VanDunk has been spending a furlough at home with his parents. He left for a six-month tour of duty in the Mediterranean aboard the USS Appartune.”

5/15/69, LMT
“First Lieutenant Frank McGreevy of Livingston Manor has received the Bronze Star Medal with “V” Device for heroism in combat against the enemy in Vietnam’
“While on a ambush operation near Fire Support Base Pope, McGreevy and the First Platoon of Company C which he led came under small arms and motor fire from a large force of Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army Regulars.
“Seeing that his platoon was greatly outnumbered, Lieutenant McGreevy made a request for reinforcements, then moved throughout his platoon’s position all the time under fire, organizing his men to move toward the Fire Support Base in order to link up with the Third Platoon. By his example Lieutenant McGreevy was able to keep the platoon under control and establish the needed security for its movement despite the heavy fire. To help reduce the pressure of the enemy, McGreevy called in an artillery fire mission on the enemy so that the two platoons could make the necessary link-up. On joining the Third Platoon, he found it also under fire but by directing the fire of his platoon effectively upon the enemy, both units were able to break contact and move back to the Fire Support base.
“The Lieutenant was credited by his action with keeping the platoon’s casualties to a minimum.
“The citation accompanying the award noted that First Lieutenant McGreevy’s personal bravery and devotion to duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.”

5/29/69, LMT
“Richard Roser, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Roser, has been promoted from corporal to SP4. He is stationed in Frankfort, Germany and expects to be home for a 30-day furlough on June 20th. He is with the 23rd Ordinance Co.”

5/29/69, “Word has been received by John McGreevy of DuBois Street, Livingston Manor, that his son, Lt. Frank McGreevy had been wounded on My 14 at the battle for 3,000 ft. “Hamburger Hill” in Vietnam.
“According to a telegram from the army, McGreevy was wounded in the abdomen, apparently from shell fragments. Although at first not believed to be too serious, the wounds required the young first lieutenant to be moved from a hospital at DaNang to a hospital at Yokohama, Japan. Many of the other members of his unit were killed in the battle. In the 10-day encounter for the bloody peak, some 55 Americans were killed and over 300 wounded.
“McGreevy was decorated with the Bronze Star with V device for heroism in battle in September.”

7/31/69, LMT
“Marine Pfc Harry Squires, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Squires of High Street, departed by jet for Okinawa via a stop-over at Hawaii. Harry was previously stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif.”

8/7/69, LMT
“Sgt. Ronald Boone, his wife and small daughter Vera Joyce spent the past week with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Boone in Willowemoc. Sgt. Boone has been stationed with the Air Force in New Hampshire. He is scheduled to leave for two years of overseas duty in the Philippines.”

8/21/69, LMT
“Sp-4 Joseph Hauptfleisch, a communication specialist stationed in Vietnam for a year, was home visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hauptfleisch of School Street. On Saturday the soldier was married to Miss Dolores Helen Nonnemochher of Honesdale, Pa. The couple are on a honeymoon trip to Canada.”

10/23/69, LMT
“Seaman Rudy VanDunk and the men and officers of the USS Opportune were cited and given a plaque by the City of Palma, Italy, for the part they played in extinguishing a fire aboard the Maltese Line ship Kristine Pace.
“VanDunk, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel VanDunk of Livingston Manor, wrote to his parents that they played fire hoses on the ship all night and that when an oil tank exploded he was shaken but unhurt.
“On arriving in Palma, the Mayor Don Gabriel Alazmore presented the commanding officer with the plaque for saving ths ship.
“W C Gagle, commanding officer of the Opportune, has asked that the Navy give the officers and men of his ship meritorious awards for the part they played in extinguishing the fire on the Kristine Pace.
“VanDunk said the ship expects to port at Little Creek, Va., next week. Commencing November 4, he expects to be home on a fifteen day leave.”

11/6/69, LMT
“Lt. Frank McGreevy, son of Mr. and Mrs. John McGreevy has been promoted to rank of Captain. Last Monday he received his company of over 200 men of SS Battalion. He is stationed at Fort Devene, Mass., and is assigned in charge of supply.”

11/6/69, LMT
“Cpl. Harry Squires, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Squires now serving with the Marine Corps at Da Nang, Vietnam, received a letter of commendation from 2nd Lt. M R Simonson for his service as movie projectionist at his previous station at Okinawa. Harry was theater before enlisting in the Marine Corps.”

11/27/69, LMT
“Airman Apprentice Robert L Hempstead, USN, son of Mrs. Florence McAdams of Livingston Manor, graduated from the Aviation Fundamental School at the Naval Air Technical Training Center, Memphis, Tenn.
“The 160 hour course included basic mathematics, common aircraft hardware, mechanical and electrical physics, aeronautical publications and the use and application of hand tools.”

12/31/70, LMT
“Mr. and Mrs. Howard Davis are home from Alabama where he is duty in the army. Mr. Davis is on a 30 day leave and he expects to report for duty in Vietnam. Mrs. Davis is the former Barbara Molotch.”

12/31/70, LMT
“Staff Sgt. Gary Tempel of Shandelee has arrived home for the holidays and a couple of weeks after from Vietnam. He expects to re-enlist and will serve some more in Vietnam.”

4/30/70, LMT
“James E Denman, 24, son of Dr. and Mrs. Lewis G Denman of Livingston Manor, recently was promoted to Army sergeant in Vietnam where he is serving with the 86th Signal Battalion.
“Sgt. Denman, a supply sergeant in the battalion’s headquarters detachment entered the army in August, 1968, completed basic training at Ft. Jackson, S.C. and was last stationed at St. Aubens, N.Y.”