Livingston Manor Incorporated - 1950

Since the name change from Morsston Depot to Livingston Manor, village fathers have tried on at least three different occasions to incorporate the village. All have failed. The last attempt, beginning in 1946, was the most ambitious.


Led by the Livingston Manor Chamber of Commerce, and spearheaded by Mack Weiner, much work was done in the effort to get village residents to approve an incorporation referendum. Included in this effort was the canvasing of the village streets by various Chamber members. These lists note the residences of local village families, street by street, along with names of family members. Since these rosters were made in the years of 1949 to 1950, the records give a relatively accurate census for Livingston Manor for 1950, a federal census year that has yet to be released. - Fred


These records come from the collection of papers from the late Leon Siegel and have been made available through his son, Gary and the Sullivan County Historical Society