The Hoos Building of Livingston Manor



Since its erection in 1902, the Hoos building had long been a landmark within the center of Livingston Manor. Begun as a bakery, building expansion allowed many other businesses to locate there. Besides the bakery, which operated until 1990, the next longest running business in the building was the United Cigar Store franchise which opened its doors in 1920. In November of 2012, the Hoos building was completely consumed by a devastating fire


Thanks to the Sullican County Historical Society and Fred Fries for searching and collecting Newspaper Articles associated with the Hoos Building in Livingston Manor New york.  
Harold Van Aken


12/30/1892, WR [Walton Reporter]

“Fred Hoos, a 14-year-old son of E.V. Hoos, the baker, had the misfortune, Monday, to lose two of his fingers on the right hand. He was putting ice in an ice cream freezer and caught his hand in the cogs. Dr. W.S. Webster was called and dressed the hand. [Liberty Gazette]” 11-85


11/23/1902, LR [Liberty Register]

“E.V. Hoos is negotiating for the purchase of a building lot in Livingston Manor, on which to erect a business block. He expects to conduct a bakery with his son in charge.” 41-44, 14-111


1/23/1903, LMT [Livingston Manor]

E V Hoos, Liberty baker, had rented the Lathrop building on Main Street and would have on sale all kinds of freshly baked stuff.


4/2/1903, RRR [Roscoe Rockland Review]

“They are laying out the ground for the Hoos bakery building on the corner of Main and Pearl streets Tuesday.” 67-122


4/23/1903, RRR

“E V Hoos has a gang of men clearing away the rubble, drawing stones and digging for the foundation for the new building on the site of the Odd Fellows hall that was burned last year.” 67-122


4/25/03, Town Board

“Resolved and seconded; notice to E V Hoos

“You are hereby forbidden to extend the foundation of your building now being constructed at the corner of Main and Pearl Streets in Livingston Manor or any part of the said building of foundation to the Little Beaverkill Stream at high water mark or otherwise in any such manner or to dam up or throw back or divide the waters of said stream when at high water mark or otherwise or inversely drainage injure or interfere with the public highway at or near said building and you are requested to remove any obstruction of foundation already built or constructed that may so dam up, divide or throw back said stream at high water mark.” 4-16


5/14/03, RRR

“The foundation for the EV Hoos bakery is completed. It is laid with quarry stones embedded in cement.” 67-123


5/21/03, RRR

“The foundation for the Hoos bakery is completed.” 67-123


6/25/03, RRR

“The Hoos Building is nearly sided and partitions are ready for the masons.” 67-123


7/16/03, RRR

‘The E.V. Hoos bakery here is nearly plastered. The proprietor expects to have it in operation by August 1st.” 1-13


7/23/03, RRR

‘The Hoos bakery building is finished, all but the doors and glass front, and everything is in readiness for their reception as soon as they arrive.” 1-18


8/6/03, RRR

“The Hoos bakery building is about finished and the fixtures, ovens, etc. will soon be put in. The Italian bakery, commenced two months later is turning out products by the wagon load.” 1-20


9/10/03, RRR

“The foundation for the ovens for the Hoos Bakery is laid. They are now occupying the salesroom and have a fine place.” 1-24


10/8/03, RRR

“The Hoos bakery is now open for business. It is as well located as any place in town.” 1-29


10/22/03, RRR

“The Hoos building is now using its ovens here for doing the baking.” 67-126


11/21/03, WR [Walton Reporter]

“E.V. Hoos is building an addition to the bakery to be used as a store room.”


12/3/03, LMT

Fred Hoos is adding a large store room to his bakery building.


2/11/04, LMT

Otto Hoos and sister, Minnie, of Liberty, spent Sunday here with their brother, Fred.


6/11/08, SCR [Sullivan County Review]

“The new soda fountain, ordered by Hoos, the baker, arrived Tuesday and has been set up. He has also installed a water motor for freezing cream. It is understood that Mr. Hoos will serve ice cream soda for five cents a glass during the summer. This, with the machine he recently added for making ice cream, gives his bakery first-class equipment for catering to the public not only with bake-stuffs, but with cooling refreshments as well.” 5-80


9/10/08, LMT

“Thieves broke open H L Sprague Co.’s and F R Hoos’ gum machines the night before and stole the gum. The Hoos machine has disappeared entirely.” 65-75


4/14/10, SCR

“Fred R Hoos is laying a concrete walk in front of his bakery block, a desirable improvement.” 13-104


4/22/10, LR

“The concrete walk that F.R. Hoos had lain in front of his bakery last week makes a great improvement to the property.” 41-115


6/9/10, LMT

“Fred R Hoos purchased this week of C M and George S Woolsey several building lots on the south side of Pearl Street.” 43-15


9/29/10, SCR

“Claude Reynolds of New York has opened a jewelry store in the Hoos building.” 8-79


11/9/11, SCR

“Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoos and family moved to Liberty last week, where they will reside during the winter at least. Mr. Hoos will continue his bakery at this place, going back and forth each day, opening the bakery at 10 a.m. and closing same at 6 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Hoos are both former residents of Liberty and find the associations there especially pleasant and congenial.” 8-18


6/6/13, LMT

“Otto Hoos who had been employed in Kane’s Bakery the past nine months has gone to Walton where he was employed as baker in the Webster Bakery.” 4-43


9/19/12, LMT

Gertrude Dohrmann, wife of Fred Hoos, died at his home of her parents in Liberty Tuesday evening, following a year’s illness. She was 30 years old. In 1903 she married Mr. Hoos and they conducted a bakery business in Livingston Manor until 1911 when Mrs. Hoos’ health failed. She is survived by her husband and two children, Fred and Henrietta, her parents and three sisters, Mrs. E Intemann of New York, Mrs. Ernest Hoos and Miss Freda Dohrmann of Liberty.


2/19/14, SCR

“Wm. Hoos and James McCormick of Liberty, Wednesday purchased the hardware business of J.W. Stevens of Livingston Manor.

“These young men will put in a new stock of up-to-date hardware, etc. and Mr. McCormick, who for years been employed by Pierson and Weber of Liberty, will have charge of the plumbing work. A sale of stock now on hand will take place Saturday.” 1-136


2/26/14, R [Sullivan County Record]

“Wm. Hoos, a Liberty plumber, and James McCormick, with the hardware firm of Pierson and Weber, have bought and taken possession the plumbing and hardware business of James Stevens at Livingston Manor.” 16-237


6/3/15, LMT

W J Hoos, Main Street hardware dealer, had moved his family from Charles Fallon’s house to Liberty.


10/12/15, SCR

“Neal Kane, who has conducted a bakery in the Hoos building for the past two years, last week arranged to enter the bakery business of his brother-in-law, Fred Hoos, at Liberty. The Kane family will leave this week for their new home.

“Joseph Buck will move his green grocery from the Lersch building to the Hoos building and will conduct a lunch room, serve ice cream, hot chocolate etc., in his new quarters.” 14-82


11/18/15, LMT

“The store in the Hoos building occupied by Buck’s market is being refinished inside with fresh paint and new paper.” 26-56


3/2/16, SCR

“Samuel Cohen, dry goods dealer, has moved from the Hoos building into the store in the Fontana building recently vacated by D F Meyer.” 14-126


9/14/16, RW [Republican Watchman]

“The Old Homestead Water Company on Monday disconnected Joseph Buck’s pipes thus cutting off his water supply. The company claims that Mr. Buck, after due warming, used the company’s water for sprinkling purposes, although there is a rule against such use.” 68-5


9/14/16, LMT

“Ben Richardson, general utility man of the Livingston Manor Electric Company and emergency man for the Old Homestead Water Company, officially turned off the water of the Hoos building, acting under the supervision of E M Edsall of the Old Homestead Water Company on Monday afternoon about 4:30 p.m. this building is principally occupied by Joseph Buck who conducts an extensive produce and grocery business on the ground floor and has living apartments upstairs.

“Mr. Buck states that this action was taken by the water company because he used the water through a hose to wash the windows and front of his building. Mr. Buck further states that he had been advised by both his doctor and his lawyer to use the water for this purpose when necessary. The water company have objected to such use of the water according to the rules and regulations of the company sent out on April 1, 1916.

“The outcome of the matter will be watched with keen interest by the many other consumers, but whatever the result may be, it will only tend to help the municipal project.

“Mr. Buck has paid his water rent until October 1st.” 30-54


9/21/16, LMT

“One will look twice when passing the store of W W Hoos as one glance will not be sufficient to see the artistic arrangement of the window recently dressed appropriate of the autumn hunting season. Mr. Hoos has at different times decorated his windows in various designs but we think his latest work in this one is a going masterpiece.” 30-64


9/21/16, LMT

“Joe Buck who had his water supply discontinued by the Old Homestead Water Company last week, was on the job with his hose on Saturday morning, washing his front sidewalk. Many persons wondered how Joe could get the water and have so much pressure and it was rumored that the company’s man had overlooked one of the taps somewhere in the cellar of the building. When asked about his present supply, Mr. Buck was reticent and refused to tell us where the water came from.” 30-67


1/4/17, SCR

“Jay Dreher of Roscoe, a member of the Roscoe Hardware Company, which was put out of business by the Roscoe fire, has purchased the hardware business of Wm. Hoos, located in the Steven’s building on Main Street. An inventory is now being taken and at its conclusion Mr. Dreher will take possession.” 15-103


5/10/17, SCR

“W. W. Hoos is doing some plumbing work at Waj-a-wag Lodge, at Lew Beach.” 15-125


3/17/21, SCR

“Fred Hoos has built a garage adjoining his bakery and residence building and has purchased a ford touring car from the Sturdevant agency.” 2-72, 7-58


11/ /17, RW

“C Eugeni has bought the house on lower Pearl Street of W R Woolsey and is moving his family there this week. He will also move his shoe shop to his new home from the Hoos building. Cornelius Beasmer, who has lived in the house, is moving to rooms in the Yonker building. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Fontana will occupy the rooms in the Fontana building, formerly occupied by Mr. Eugeni.” Loose



4/2/20, LR

“It is reported on good authority that Fred Hoos, lately of Liberty, will resume his bakery business here [LM].” 63-98, 67-109


4/16/20, LR

“The Neumann Hotel changed hands last week and is now the property of Joseph Buck, who will move into it at once, occupying the ground floor with his grocery and vegetable business. The upper part he will use as living quarters for his family.” 63-98


5/28/20, LR

“Fred Hoos and family moved from Liberty last week.” 67-110


6/1/21, SCR

“Mr. and Mrs. E V Hoos, of Liberty, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hoos and family were in town Tuesday, enroute to Delhi, where Henry Hoos has purchased a bakery and a residence.”


6/23/21, SCR

“The graduating class this year consists of Fred Hoos, Aquilla Denman, Carrie Vogt, Grace Denman, Pearl Burton, Lester Reynolds and William McGrath. Commencement exercises were held in Sherwood’s pavilion on Tuesday evening, rev. James Ferris delivering the baccalaureate sermon on Sunday evening in the High School Auditorium.” 22-16


8/5/21, LR

“Mrs. Fred Hoos and children are spending some time in Liberty.” 63-99


3/23/22, SCR

“Fred Hoos is erecting an addition to his Main Street building. The new structure will be two stories high, a good-sized store on the first floor with living apartments above. The addition is adjacent to the United Cigar Store.” 2-45


3/24/22, LR

“Fred Hoos is erecting an addition to his Main Street building. The new structure will be two stories high, a good-sized store on the first floor with living apartments above. The addition is adjacent to the United Cigar Store.” 41-72


8/31/22, LMT

“The Hoos family held a reunion at the Hartig picnic grounds on the Island Sunday, about thirty present.” 63-102


11/23/22, LMT

“Fred Hoos is erecting a two-story addition to his main street building. The new part will consist of a good sized store with living apartments above and is adjacent to the United Cigar Store.” 63-103


6/21/23, LMT

Mrs. Anna Hoos of Liberty, mother of Fred Hoos of this village, died Tuesday night shortly after being admitted to Thrall Hospital. Death was caused gangrene poisoning.


6/24/23, LR

“Mrs. Anna Marie Hoos, wife of Ernest V Hoos of this village, died follow8ing an operation at Thrall Hospital, Middletown, at 10:45 p.m. Tuesday, after an illness of but three days. She had been in apparent excellent health when on Sunday last she was seized with an intestinal attack. She was taken to Middletown Tuesday morning and was operated upon Tuesday afternoon at 4 o’clock but efforts to save her were fruitless.

“She was born April 28, 1865, in Herchfelt, province of the Rhine, Germany, a daughter of Nicholas and Anna Weyrich. She came to the United States in 1872 and in 1876 married Ernest V Hoos in New York. They came to Liberty in June of 1889 and she had since lived here.

“She is survived by three sisters and one brother in Germany. Their whereabouts and condition is unknown to the family here. The following children survive; Fred R., Livingston Manor; Henry A., Delhi; Ernest J., Liberty; Otto J., Delhi; William W., Chester; Charles A., Liberty; Emma, wife of Rev. Frederick Sutter, Staten Island; Minnie, wife of Neil Kane, Ellenville; Clara, wife of Robert Mauer, Rochester and Mathilda Hoos, at home.

“Funeral services will be held privately from the late home, Friday afternoon at 3 o’clock, Rev. Oscar Noeb officiating. Friends may pay their last respects any time this afternoon after 2 o’clock. Interment will be in the family plot in the Liberty Cemetery.

“Mrs. Hoos was a member of the Lutheran Church and always took a deep interest in matters pertaining to the welfare of the church. She was president of the Ladies Aid Society of that Church. She was a loving mother and a kind and thoughtful neighbor, ever ready to sacrifice her personal comforts to the needs of her friends. The sympathy of the entire community will go out to the bereaved family.” Loose


7/12/23, LMT

“Joseph Pollen has installed the United Cigar Store for which he is the local representative in the new store in the Hoos building which was occupied last fall by S Lebowitz, dealer in electrical supplies. This gives Mr. Pollen a handsome well-lighted store room and a good sized space to display his goods. The store next door, which the United formerly occupied, is still conducted by Mr. Pollen.”


7/26/23, LMT

“Joseph Plescia of New York has purchased the pool room in the Hoos  building formerly conducted by Joseph Pollen and took possession last week. Mr. Plescia formerly was employed by Mr. Pollen in Liberty. Mr. Pollen will now devote his time to the United Cigar Store.”


9/4/24, LMT

“A deal was completed on Wednesday morning by which George Case of this village became the owner and manager of the United Cigar Store business located in the Hoos building on the corner of Main and Pearl streets conducted since the Livingston Manor branch was started four years ago by Joseph Polen.

“The new owner has purchased the entire stock and will add to it materially besides putting in several new lines. Mr. Case has been a local resident for four years and is popular and may be expected to make a success in his new enterprise.

“Mr. Polen, while his plans for the future are indefinite at present, expects to remain in the Manor.” 67-44


9/11/24, LR

“A deal was completed on Wednesday morning of last week, by which George Case, of Livingston Manor, became the owner and manager of the United Cigar Store business, located in the Hoos building on the corner of Main and Pearl streets, conducted since the Livingston Manor branch was started four years ago by Joseph Pollen.”


9/14/24, SCR

“Joseph Polen has sold his business in the United Cigar Store to George Case of this village.” 22-82


7/16/25, SCR

“Joe Plesia, our popular barber, is making extensive improvements to his shop in the Hoos building, three new white enamel chairs are being installed. There are new mirrors and a white stop as far as possible. Three barbers will be at the public service.” 34-15


12/31/25, SCR

“Fred Hoos will leave January 1st for Chicago, where he will enter a school of baking. Fred has been assisting his father in the local bakery for some time, but wants to learn the management of the large bakery plants.” 22-78


2/12/26 [?], LMT

“W G Mein this week replaced one of the plate glass windows in the United Cigar Store in the Hoos building which was cracked probably by frost.” 71-38


4/29/26, LR

“Fred Hoos has completed a course in the America Institute of Bakery in Chicago and has returned home.” 64-110


4/29/26, SCR

“Fred Hoos has returned home after being in Chicago since January 1 studying at the American Baker’s Institute.” 68-47


4/29/26, LR

“Fred Hoos has completed a course in the America Institute of Bakery in Chicago and has returned home.” 64-110




4/29/26, SCR

“Fred Hoos has returned home after being in Chicago since January 1 studying at the American Baker’s Institute.” 68-47


5/6/26, SCR

“Paul Hoos, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoos, has been in Thrall Hospital for several days under observation as it was feared the young lad would have be operated upon for mastoiditis” 22-97


5/6/26, SCR

“The first of the week Town Superintendent Frank Wood started work on the bridge over the Little Beaverkill and work on church Street. Both of these jobs will be a great improvement to the town.” 68-47


7/1/26, LMT

“F R Hoos is erecting a new store building on the corner of his property at Main and Pearl Streets. This is one of the best business locations in the Manor.” 65-128, 67-119


8/12/26, LMT

“W G Mein this week replaced one of the plate glass windows in the United Cigar store in the Hoos building, which was cracked probably by frost.” 67-44


9/9/26, LMT

“A concrete sidewalk is being laid in front of the United Cigar Store and other stores in the Hoos building.” 65-129


9/23/26, SCR

“A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoos on Sunday morning.” 22-129


1/27/27, SCR

“Mrs. Louis Vantran, who has conducted a meat market in the Siegel building, moved Friday to quarters in the Hoos building.” 2-56


2/24/27, LMT

“Fred Hoos of Brooklyn was home over the week-end. He is employed by the Southern Cottonseed Oil Co. of Bayonne.” 67-118


3/24/27, LMT

“Fred Hoos, who has a position in Brooklyn, spent the week-end here with his folks.” 67-118


4/ /27, LMT

“Leave orders for Hot Cross Buns at Hoos Bakery.” 67-118



4/28/27, LMT

“Fred Hoos has purchased a new seven passenger Buick sedan.” 67-115


11/17/27, SCR

“Albert Krom, who for many years has been connected with Sprague Krom Co. Inc., of Livingston Manor, has leased a store in the Hoos block which he will stock with a complete line of merchandise

“Mr. Krom has made a great many friends in the Manor and many of them will be glad to patronize him as soon as his new business has been established.” 24-46


11/23/27 [?], RW

“Mr. and Mrs. Albert Krom and Miss Nellie Mott went to New York on Sunday to purchase stock for Mr. Krom’s new store which will open next week in the Hoos building. The store will be known as “Al Krom’s Shoppe.” 67-114


12/1/27, SCR

““Al Krom’s Shop” under the ownership and personal management of Albert Krom, who for the past 14 years was general manager and active head of the Sprague Krom Co., Inc., will be added to the Livingston Manor retail field on Friday, December 2nd. The new store will be located in the Hoos building, and will occupy quarters recently vacated by the Vantran Meat Market.

“Mr. Krom said recently that the first few weeks would fine his new venture devoted to an effort to fill the gift shop void so apparent in Livingston Manor by offering Christmas holiday variety stock second to none. The store will later add a full line of footwear, floor coverings, crockery, etc. Mr. Krom as the originator of the “We have it” slogan, says Al’s Shoppe “Will get it” if it isn’t carried in stock.

“Born at High Falls, Ulster County, June 30, 1888, Mr. Krom was employed at the Manor by the A.P. DuBois Co. for a period of six years previous to the formation, in April, 1914, of a partnership with Floyd L. Sprague, a partnership which launched the Sprague – Krom Company, following the dissolution of the H.L. Sprague Company. Two years later Mr. Sprague withdrew from the firm, his interest being taken over by Wm. H. Treyz of Binghamton and the business incorporated under the original name.

“Mr. Krom remained with the newly incorporated company in the capacity of general manager and as the active head of the business until some five or six weeks ago. With him in his new venture go the best wishes of his hundreds of friends in this vicinity.” 24-47


3/22/28, SCR

“It is reported that three young boys gained entrance to the Hoos Bakery one night last week and helped themselves to the change that had been left in the cash register for the night.

“Mr. Hoos was not long in finding the guilty parties and expects to recover the loss.” 24-73


8/2/28, SCR

“Otto Hoos is home making a good recovery after an operation for appendicitis on Decoration Day.” 1-42



1/18/29, RW

Kittle Eddie Hoos is improving after four operations for mastoid and glandular trouble in Middletown Sanitarium. Mrs. Hoos is with him in the hospital


10/18/29, RW

‘Millard DuMond has leased the United Cigar Store business from Richard Poley and is already in possession.” Loose


2/20/30, LMT

Invitations are out for the wedding of Miss Henrietta Hoos and Raymond Rose at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. F R Hoos, on Sunday afternoon, March 2.


3/13/30, SCR

“Miss Henrietta Hoos , daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred R Hoos and Raymond Rose, son of Mrs. Etta Rose, both of Livingston Manor, were married Sunday noon, March 2, at the bride’s house in the presence of about 60 relatives and friends. The bride, given away by her father wore white crepe with lace veil and carried roses and valley lilies. The bridesmaid, Miss Mildred Hoos of Amsterdam, was dressed in orchard chiffon and carried tea roses. Wilfred Smith was best man. A wedding dinner was served. Mr. and Mrs. Rose who are both graduates of the Manor high school, have begun housekeeping there, after a honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls.” 23-30


5/22/30, LMT

“Joe Plesica has renovated his barber shop, putting in new grill work and equipment and greatly improving the appearance of the interior.” 66-128


6/18/31, LMT

“Ralph Cutler, proprietor of the local United Cigar Store, has renovated the entire interior of his store, putting in new cases, shelves, etc., and a new electric sign outside. Mr. Cutler is now a recognized United agent, the agency heretofore having been more or less a sub agency, and now being taken over and supervised entirely by the United, as are all that company’s city stores.” 64-123


9/24/31, LMT

“The well-known Hoos family of Liberty, Livingston Manor and Delhi, have purchased five lots at Lake Anawanda and Fred, of Livingston Manor, has a summer bungalow well on the way to completion. Ten other lots have been sold by the Callicoon Center realty Corporation and by spring there will be quite a colony.” 31-17


3/10/32, SCR

“Ralph Cutler, owner of the United Cigar Store, has leased the adjoining store last occupied by Albert Krom. He will occupy both rooms.

“It is understood that he will add a line of sporting goods and make more room for his fountain business.” 64-136


3/10/32, LMT

Alterations on the store in the Hoos building on Pearl Street formerly occupied by Al Krom’s Shoppe, are nearly complete for the occupancy of Ralph Cutler, proprietor of the United Cigar Store next door on the corner of Main and Pearl streets. Mr. Cutler has had the partition between the stores removed and ill install a complete line of sporting goods of all kinds, he already has a large tobacco, candy and stationary line with soda fountain and ice cream business and his store has been the Purple Swan Bus station for the past few seasons.

Entrance may now be had to the store from both Main and Pearl Streets


9/1/32, LMT

Mrs. Fred Hoos and children are spending some time at the Hoos camp at Lake Anawanda. John Steenrod is with the party as a guest of Otto Hoos.


10/16/32, SCR

“The first leases held by the United Cigar Stores Company throughout the US were ordered cancelled by Irwin Kurtz, referee in the company’s bankruptcy. The leases had been made for periods of one to 100 years, the longest having 89 years to run.” 23-53


1/3/33, LMT

Mrs. Fred Hoos entertained her mother, Mrs. William Witt of Liberty, her brother Otto Witt and daughter Florence of New York and Miss Lillian Roser and Edward Witt of Yonkers on New Year’s Day.


5/3/34, LMT

Mrs. Raymond Rose entertained at dinner last Thursday in honor of the twentieth wedding anniversary of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred R Hoos. Only members of the Hoos family were present.


6/14/34, R

“Ernest V. Hoos, for nearly fifty years a resident of Liberty, celebrated his eighty-second birthday at his home there on June 7. A family reunion, twenty-eight in all, a complete surprise to Mr. Hoos, was held. All his sons and daughters were present, as were families of a deceased daughter, Mrs. Neal Kane, and a deceased son, Otto J. Hoos.” Loose


6/21/34, LMT

Fred Hoos left last week for New York, where he has a position as a baker.


6/28/34, LMT

J Fred Hoos, son of Fred R Hoos of this village, is in Savanah at the present time. He is employed by the Southern Cotton Oil Company, dealers in fats and other oil products for bakers, and has his headquarters in Richmond, Va.




9/6/34, LMT

J Fred Hoos, employed by the Wesson Oil Co., at Richmond, Virginia, spent the Labor Day weekend at home


10/25/34, LMT

“Laurence Schwartz missed death by a very narrow margin Saturday afternoon when the motorcycle he was riding west on Main Street got beyond control, struck the No Parking sign at the south of the Main Street bridge over the Little Beaverkill, breaking off the lead pipe standard and catapulting the iron sign through the big plate glass show window at Ralph Cutler’s United Cigar Store. “Punch” being a close second the heavy glass of a second big pane and landing on the floor of the store at Mr. Cutler’s feet.

“Young Schwartz suffered a bad cut on his head and the thumb on his right hand was nearly severed requiring several stiches on both sides to close the nasty gash. He is pretty much bruised up ad is taking it easy for the time being.

“Mr. Cutler, who was placing current numbers of magazines in the window, received the shock of his life when Punch landed on the floor at his feet ager a second ear splitting crash of the heavy glass and Punch’s reaction to his flying leap may be better imagined than described.

“Mr. Schwartz’ explanation of the accident is that he must have inadvertently turned on the gas when he leaned sharply to the right to avoid hitting a car which made a sudden turn around the blinker on the square, thus causing his machine to literally fly.

“Had he veered his course six inches to either side he would have struck one of two telegraph poles, and that, after all, it was a pretty lucky accident.

“The motor cycle was wrecked. The glass in the show window was insured and was replaced Tuesday.”


Hoos; 1/3/35, LR

“Ernest V Hoos, one of Liberty’s business pioneers, whose business and family life won for him the esteem of his fellows the title “a good citizen” died on December 30 at Mound Park Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was in his eighty-third year.

“His death was the result of an accident on Christmas eve. As he was crossing one of St. Petersburg’s busy streets, he was struck by a car and suffered several broken ribs and possible internal injuries. Because of his age – he was 82 last June – he was unable to recover from the shock. At his bedside when he died were two of his children – Ernest J Hoos, mayor of Liberty, and Miss Mathilda Hoos.

“Mr. Hoos was born on June 6, 1852 at Waldmannshausen, Germany, the son of Vitus and Margaret Hoos. He came to the United States with his parents when he was 17 years old, and he had been a citizen of this country for nearly 60 years.

“He was married in New York in 1876 to Anna Marie Weyrich, who died in Liberty on June 19, 1923.

“Mr. Hoos had been a baker all of his life. He owned bakeries in New York and also in Morristown before coming to Liberty in 1889. Here he opened the first bakery in the village. It was located on South Main Street at the place where the Alice Cut Rate Shop now is.

“Later he purchased the site and erected the building which is still the Hoos bakery. He continued in business at that place until he retired from active work about 12 years ago.

“Mr. Hoos was an earnest … leader of the German Lutheran group here and services were held in his store on Sundays. He was one of the founders of the Lutheran Church in Liberty and for many years he was president of the Council of that church, which office he still held at the time of his death. To the end he was one of the most faithful of the members of the congregation.

“Being one of the early business men in this village, he witnessed most of those changes which translated the community from a small roadside hamlet to its present status. He often recalled that he was the first Liberty merchant to close his store on Christmas day – as he was the first one on Main Street to have a Christmas tree. His business place also was the first in the village to boast plate glass windows.

“He had property interests in a number of places and he loved to travel. He made three trips to Germany and even in his older age he delighted in going off alone on trips. In fact, his trip to Florida early in December was made alone. Despite his age, his physical condition and his mental keenness was exceptional.

“He delighted in his large family, and one of the pleasurable incidents of his last few years was a family reunion held at his home on Lincoln Place here on the occasion of his 82nd birthday last June. Present were all of his children who were living and the families of those deceased.

“He was a garden enthusiast and delighted in caring for growing things. He also indulged a hobby of raising pigeons. These interests undoubtedly accounted for his excellent health and firm physical strength.

“He is survived by the following children; Emma, wife of the Rev. Fred Butler of Stapleton, S.I.; Fred of Livingston Manor; Henry of Delhi; Ernest of Liberty; William of Middletown; Clara, wife of Robert Mauer of Rochester; Mathilda of Liberty; and Carl of Liberty. He leaves one sister, Mrs. Frances Kerner of New Jersey; 24 grandchildren and several nephews and nieces.

“Three other children were Elizabeth, who died in infancy; Otto of Walton, who died on November 18, 1930; and Anna W., wife of Neal M Kane of Liberty who died on February 21, 1932.

“Mr. Hoos was a past grand officer of the Odd Fellows Lodge and had been a member of Freedom Lodge of Liberty for 35 years. He was also a member of the Liberty Red Men’s Lodge.

“The body was brought home Tuesday night. There will be a private funeral at the home at 1:30 p.m., today; and services will be held at the Lutheran Church at 2:30 p.m. today. Burial will be in the family plot in the Liberty Cemetery.” Loose


5/9/35, LMT

Paul Hoos, son of Mr. and Mrs. F Hoos was taken to Maimonides Hospital yesterday afternoon suffering from acute appendicitis. He was operated on by Dr. Bourke and Dr. Denman during the afternoon and although the appendix was found to have ruptured the patient is doing well today.


5/16/35, LMT

The community was greatly saddened Saturday morning to learn of the death that morning at Maimonides Hospital, in Liberty, of Paul Hoos, fifteen-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred R Hoos.

The lad was taken to the hospital on Wednesday and an appendix operation performed that afternoon.

The appendix was found to be ruptured and peritonitis already developed, although Paul had been sick but a short time. A weak heart was a factor in his failure to throw off the poison racing through his system, his life being despaired of almost from the start.

Paul was born at Livingston Manor on September 9, 1919, his twin, Charlotte, dying at the age of nine months.

He attended the local school and was very popular with pupils and teachers alike. No gathering of youngsters of his age was complete without Paul Hoos, whose familiar figure, astride his bicycle, will not soon be forgotten by the townspeople.

Besides his parents, Paul is survived by a half-brother, J Fred Hoos of Richmond, Va., a half-sister, Henrietta,, wife of Raymond Rose, of Livingston manor and two brothers, Otto and Edward Hoos.

Funeral services were held at the house Tuesday afternoon and interment was made in the family plot in the Liberty Cemetery.

On Monday evening, members of Sullivan Chapter O E S visited the house in a body, members of the Manor Hose Company also marching to the home after their regular meeting to pay their respects, while Paul’s schoolmates visited the house during the day.

The unusual profusion of flowers went by friends and relatives indicated the esteem in which the boy and his family were held in the community.


5/16/35, R

“Henry Adolph Hoos, aged 56, a former baker in Jeffersonville, and for the past fourteen years at Delhi, died Tuesday, May 14, at the Basset Hospital in Cooperstown, where he had been under treatment two weeks for enlargement of the heart and a leaky valve of the heart. The funeral will be held at 2 p.m. Friday, with a service at the Hoos home and interment in Woodlawn cemetery, Delhi.

“Mr. Hoos was born in Jersey City, one of ten children of Ernest V. Hoos, who came to Liberty about forty-five years ago and engaged in the baking business. Henry learned the trade and in 1905 opened a bakery in Jeffersonville, where he remained for a couple of years and then went to Hurleyville, where he opened a bakery for eight or nine years. Later, he went to Delhi, where he prospered.

“Mr. Hoos was a member of the Masons and Odd Fellows, and also served as chief of the Delhi fire department.

“On October 18, 1905, he was united in marriage with Miss Emma Neiger of Jeffersonville, who survives with two daughters and two sons – Mildred, aged 28, teaching in the Amsterdam schools; Henry, 22, who assisted his father in the business; Ruth, 19, attending Oneonta normal, and John, 8, at home. Also surviving are three sisters and four brothers – Mrs. Emma Sutter of Staten Island; Fred, a twin brother of Livingston Manor; Ernest, Charles and Mathilda of Liberty, William of Middletown and Mrs. Clara Mauer of Rochester.” Loose


5/16/35, R

“Paul, 15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoos of Livingston Manor, died at the Liberty hospital Saturday, May 11, following an emergency operation for ruptured appendix on May 8th. The funeral was held on Tuesday at Livingston Manor. Paul, like his father, was a twin; but his twin sister died at the age of ten months. Surviving besides the parents are two brothers, Otto and Eddie; a step-brother, Fred, and a step-sister, Henrietta.” Loose


7/4/35, LMT

J Fred Hoos has returned home for an indefinite stay from his duties as special representative of a product used in baking, which he has been selling and demonstrating through the southern states.


7/18/35, LMT

Claude Reynolds Friday installed a Stokermatic Anthracite burner in the Reynolds building on Main Street. Sale of the burner was made through Louis DuBois. F R Hoos has recently installed an electric Furnace Man in his store and residence, this also being sold through the DuBois agency.


3/12/36, R

“Fred A. Hoos, aged 56, prominent baker and president of the board of education at Livingston Manor, died Monday night, March 9th. He had been ailing from heart trouble. The funeral was held at Liberty Wednesday. Burial rites were conferred by Livingston Manor Lodge of Freemasons, of which Mr. Hoos was master at the time of his death.

“Mr. Hoos was born in Jersey City, one of ten children of Ernest V. Hoos, who came to Liberty over forty-five years ago and engaged in the baking business. He was a twin brother of Henry A. Hoos, who died at Delhi last May 14, the day on which Fred’s 15-year-old son Paul, an appendicitis victim, was buried.

“Fred leaves his second wife and two children, Otto and Edwin; two children from his first wife (Miss Dohrmann), Fred and Henrietta, wife of Kenneth Rose of Livingston Manor; three brothers and three sisters – Ernest and Charles of Liberty, William of Middletown, Mrs. Emma Sutter and Miss Masthilda Hoos of Staten Island, and Mrs. Clara Mauer of Rochester.” Loose


1/28/37, LR

“Bob Armstrong, who until the sale in December of the Adviser, was associated with his father, Arch Armstrong, in conduct of that business, has bought the cigar and stationary store of Ralph Cutler in Livingston Manor and will conduct it. The store, at Main and Pearl streets, is the largest of its kind in Livingston Manor. If Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong can obtain living quarters meeting their requirements, they will move to Livingston Manor, otherwise, they will retain their residence here.”


1/28/37. LMT

“Ralph Cutler this week sold his United Cigar Store business to Robert Armstrong, of Liberty, associated with his father, Arch Armstrong in the Liberty Advisor, until it was sold some few weeks ago.

“Mr. Armstrong takes possession on Monday. He is known to Manorites, having married Miss Nellie Decker, daughter of Willie Decker of Willowemoc and should do sell at the business.

“Mr. Cutler has not announced his plans as yet, but will take a vacation for a time before undertaking any new enterprise. He has owned the business seven and one-half years.”




2/4/37, SCR

“Ralph Cutler last week sold his United Cigar Store business at Livingston Manor to Robert Armstrong, of Liberty, associated with his father, Arch Armstrong in the Liberty Advisdor until it was sold since a few weeks ago.

“Mr. Armstrong took possession on Monday. He is known to Manorites having married Miss Nellie Decker, daughter of Willie Decker of Willowemoc.

“Mr. Cutler has not announced his plans as yet but will take a vacation for a time before undertaking any new enterprise. He has owned the business seven and one half years.” 65-11


2/18/37, LMT

“Otto Hoos went to Chicago Friday, where he is taking a several months’ course in Baking Technology at the Siebel Institute of Technology.”


10/8/37, WR

“Ralph Cutler, former proprietor of the United Cigar Store, has purchased of Jack Cutler, the latter’s business located in the Pollack building, corner of Main and River streets, and will put in a complete line of men’s furnishings and sporting goods.” 20-15


1/12/39, LMT

“Five-year-old Phyllis DuMond gave her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lambert DuMond, a thorough scare just at dusk, Friday when they could not find no trace of her on coming out of the United Cigar Store. The child had waited for them on the sidewalk and they were afraid she had gone on an exploring tour through the little gate on the bridge over the Little Beaverkill and fallen into the water. Mr. DuMond said that Phyllis had often expressed a desire to go through the gate and down the flight of steps leading to the river. The gate was open and when a hasty search of the immediate vicinity failed to disclose any trace of the child the fire siren was sounded and an intensive search started. After perhaps ten minutes the child was found two doors away at the home of Mrs. Howard Vredenburgh, where she had gone to call upon Phyllis, the Vredenburgh’s daughter. When her father lifted her up in his arms, she inquired, “Daddy, where’s the fire.” 69-41


9/14/39, LMT

“William Alexander and son, Bill, have been busily employed this week putting a white asbestos siding on the Fred Hoos building. The result of their work is a real benefit to Main Street which is considerably brightened.” 68-35


8/1/40, LMT

“Louis Harvard is working in the United Cigar Store for Otto Hoos.” 63-100


9/12/40, LMT

“Zieres Brothers, local plumbers have just completed installation of new heating systems in the home of Robert Carlson at Shandelee, at the home of Ralph Wright in the Manor and in the United Cigar Store.” 8-12



9/26/40, LMT

The clambake, an annual event put on by members of the Livingston Manor Fire Department for members and friends was held on Blake Barker’s flat Sunday afternoon. Judge Elmer Sturdevant was to have prepared the bake but owing to his illness, Fred Hoos, assisted by Webster Gedney, acted as chef. About 85 partook of the good things and declared the bake was as good as any they ever did justice to.


11/7/40, SCR

“Otto Hoos has taken over the United Cigar Store stand in the Hoos building, corner Main and Pearl streets, conducted the past three years by Robert Armstrong. The store is now being refinished, painted on the inside and outside.

“Mr. Hoos should be successful in the business as he has a wide acquaintance among the town’s people.

“It is understood Mr. Armstrong, who is by trade a printer, will be employed by the Livingston Manor Times.” 2-79


2/19/42, LMT

“The upper floors of the Hoos building are being altered and renovated the single apartment will be made into two apartments.” 66-114


4/9/42, LMT

“In a simple but impressive ceremony Sunday afternoon, Miss Winifred Hartig, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hartig of the Manor, became the bride of Otto R Hoos, son of Mrs. Elly Hoos Sturdevant of this village. The wedding took place in the bride’s home which was decked with lilies for the occasion.

“The Rev. Joseph Harvard, former pastor of the Presbyterian Church in this village performed the ceremony….

“The bride was born in Livingston Manor and graduated from the Manor High School in the class of 1934. Since that time she has assisted in her father’s store. Mr. Hoos is also a graduate of the Manor High School and assisted his brother uhtil two years ago when he took over the United Cigar Store.” 69-84


4/16/42, LMT

“Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hoos have returned from their wedding trip and are at home in their apartment in the Hoos building.” 66-114


5/7/42, LMT

“A new ceiling is being placed in the Plesca tonsorial parlor and Marcella Sheridan’s Beauty Shop on the Hoos building. George Husch has the job.” 66-115


10/1/42, LMT

“The Western Union Telegraph office has been moved from the S & S store to the United Cigar Store where the proprietor Otto Hoos will have charge.”


10/8/42, LMT

“Thomas Allen has moved retail liquor store from Rock Avenue to the Hoos building on Pearl Street.


6/24/43, LMT

Don Sturdevant, Bob Newman and Rocky Disbrow are working at White Roe through vacation. Bob Sturdevant is at the DeBruce Club Inn and Edward Hoos is working with his brother, Fred Hoos, in the Hoos Bakery.


9/30/48, LMT

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hartig, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hoos and son, John are spending two weeks at their camp on Newboro Lake, Ontario. Leon Eastman is also at the camp.


10/14/48, LMT

J F Hoos, W2TIY. Of Livingston Manor, has been selected to set up an organization of local amateur radio operators prepared to furnish organized emergency communication in time of disaster, it was announced today by Communications manager F E Handy of the American Radio Relay League, national association of radio amateurs.

Mr. Hoos’ assignment, which carries the title of Emergency Coordinator, is to band together members of the amateur radio service in his community to perfect arrangements for emergency radio communications by hams in the event of natural disasters or other emergencies. In addition to use of normal station equipment working from commercial poser, amateur stations using self-powered radio transmitting and receiving equipment are needed.

Mr. Hoos, as ARRL Emergency Coordinator, will call local meetings of amateurs, establish common operating procedures and arrange regular drill periods when the hams’ perso0nal stations may be mobilized under simulated emergency conditions. His duties also include liaison planning with the local chapter of the American Red Cross and other relief agencies, as suggested in the working understanding the ARRL Emergency Corps has with the American Red Cross and other agencies. Liaison will be established also with local protective services such as fire and police departments.

In announcing the appointment Handy pointed out that radio amateurs have traditionally had the responsibility of being in constant readiness to offer assistance in time of need with ham-acquired skill, emergency=powered transmitters and a wealth of community spirit. “When sleet storms disrupt telephone and telegraph service, or floods isolate whole communities,” the League’s Communications Manager said, “it is amateur radio that comes to the rescue with operators and self-powered equipment often as the sole agency able to transmit messages calling on the outside world for aid for the stricken community.


2/10/49, LMT

Miss Doris Scudder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Scudder of Union Grove is teaching the 2nd grade in the Livingston Manor Central School, taking the place of Mrs. Fred Hoos, who resigned the position the first of the month. Miss Scudder is a graduate of Geneseo State College



4/7/49, LMT

A daughter, Jane Gertrude, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoos on April 5 in Maimonides Hospital


10/6/49, LMT

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hartig and Mr. and Mrs. Otto Hoos and son John, are at their camp near Newboro, Ontario, for a vacation.


12/22/49, LMT

Otto Hoos, retiring Moster of Livingston Manor Masonic Lodge gave a dinner to officers and members of the lodge Monday evening in Masonic Hall. A rehearsal by the degree team preceded the meeting.


5/3/51, LMT

“Hosel and Delameter, local contractors, have been busy the last week in constructing a new and modern store front to the Amber & Amber store, in addition to laying a new sidewalk in front of the place….

“The United Cigar Store also had added a new entrance and sidewalk is being constructed in front of the Livingston Manor National Bank. Otto Jaurnig is also having his sidewalk fixed…” loose


9/25/52, LMT

Daniel Harris has purchased of Thomas Allen the latter’s retail liquor business on Pearl Street, facing Main. The deal was completed Monday.


5/5/55, LMT

Only about forty residents of the Livingston Manor School district attended the annual meeting Tuesday night at the school building and adopted the new budget of $297,063 without protest.

Otto Hoos who had completed a five year term as trustee was elected for another five year term, without opposition. Other trustees are Dr. Louis Denman, Leon Siegel, John Cassano and Edward Baker. Wilfred Smith remains as clerk of the board.


5/12/55, LMT

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Tompkins of Livingston Manor wish to announce the engagement of their daughter Alice Rose to Mr. Edward E Hoos, son of the late Fred R Hoos and Mrs. Elmer Sturdevant of Livingston Manor. The wedding will be in the fall


9/1/55, LMT

Little Jane Hoos and her father and mother are on a trip through western New York State into Penn and to Erie on Lake Erie.


10/20/55, LMT

Baskets of multi-colored chrysanthemums and candelabra formed the setting for the marriage of Miss Alice R Tompkins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Tompkins to Mr. Edward E Hoos, son of Mrs. Elmer Sturdevant and the late Mr. Fred Hoos, both of Livingston Manor.

The Reverend Arthur L Gebhard performed the double ring ceremony in the Livingston manor Presbyterian Church on Sunday, October 16, 1955.

Miss Edith Knoll, church organist accompanied Mr. Reginald Treyz, tenor soloist in appropriate selections…

Miss Helen Tompkins, sister of the bride, was maid of honor…

Mr. Otto Hoos was best man for his brother, while Mr. Raymond Rose and Mr. Richard DelFaverio served as ushers…

Following the ceremony a reception was held in the church parlors for about 100 guests. A buffet lunch was served by friends of the couple. Upon returning from their wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Hoos will live in an apartment in the Rose building in Livingston Manor

Both Mr. and Mrs. Hoos are graduates of the Livingston Manor Central School. Mr. Hoos is employed in the Hoos Bakery with his brother. Mrs. Hoos works in the local A&P Supermarket.


6/14/56, LMT

Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Hoos moved last week from an apartment over the Rose hardware store to the upper Tompkins house on Finch Street.


6/13/57, LMT

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hoos have moved into their new home in Decketown


4/17/58, LMT

A commendation was forwarded to J Fred Hoos, Livingston Manor, who is the Communications Chief for Sullivan County Civil Defense and signed by General Clarence H Huebner, New York State Civil Defense Director in recognition of outstanding services rendered to Sullivan County in the RACES organization.

This commendation is awarded to volunteers of this state for their outstanding and meritorious services as members of the Radio Amateur Civil emergency Service.

Mr. Hoos has served Sullivan County as Communications Chief since World War II, from 1941 till now. At the time the title was Radio Aide. He has given unstintingly of his time and effort and has served these 17 years as a loyal and patriotic citizen.


9/17/59, LMT

By all signs and reports, Otto Hoos has sold his lot adjoining the Livingston Manor National Bank and cornered by Main and DuBois Street.


5/19/60, LMT

J Fred Hoos, prominent Manor businessman, passed away suddenly at his home early this morning, He was 55 years old.

The deceased was born in Liberty, October 31, 1904, the son of Frederick and Gertrude Dorman Hoos. In his early youth he moved to Livingston Manor with his family where his father operated a bakery. He succeeded his father in the bakery business which has since continued in the same location.

Mr. Hoos was a past master of Livingston Manor Lodge No. 791, F&AM, a member of the Manor Hose Company of the Livingston Manor Fire Department, secretary of the board of fire commissioners and a member of the Manor Rod and Gun Club. He was a communicant of the Livingston Manor Presbyterian church.

Survivors besides his wife, Elma, and a daughter, Jane, are his step-mother, Mrs. Ellie Sturdevant; one sister, Mrs. Henrietta Rose; two half-brothers, Otto and Edward…

Interment will be in the Orchard Street Cemetery.


Hoos; 5/26/60, R

“J. Fred Hoos, 55, Livingston Manor bakery owner, died in his sleep on Wednesday, May 18, 1960. Mr. Hoos was well-known throughout the county as a “ham” radio operator.

“Born in Liberty on October 31, 1904, Mr. Hoos was the son of Fred and Gertrude Dorman Hoos. He had run the Manor bakery since the death of his father in 1935.

“Survivors are his wife, the former Elma Osborn, one daughter, Jane; one sister, Mrs. Raymond Rose, Livingston Manor; two half-brothers, Otto and Edward, of Livingston Manor; and his step-mother, Mrs. Elmer Sturdevant, of Livingston Manor. Funeral services were held at the Russell Funeral Home in Livingston Manor on Saturday, May 21st.

“Mr. Hoos, a past master of Livingston Manor Lodge No. 791, F. & A. M., was a member of the Livingston Manor Hose Company and secretary of the Board of Fire Commissioners. His interest in “ham” radio operation led him to volunteer his services to the Sullivan County Civil Defense organization where he was chief of the radio service for many years. He was also a member of the Manor Rod and Gun Club and a communicant of the Livingston Manor Presbyterian Church.” Loose


1/10/63, LMT

Tammy Sue, month old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Romolo and Carl James Hoos, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hoos were Baptized Sunday, January 6 by the Rev. J Richard Heaphy, during the morning worship service at the Presbyterian Church.


6/10/71, LMT

Miss Jane Hoos and Mr. Allen Domeracki were married Saturday at the Presbyterian Church. Miss Hoos is the daughter of Mrs. Fred Hoos. She graduated from State University College in Albany on May 22.


3/16/72, LMT

“Mr. and Mrs. Roland Wheat have sold their stationary store on the square and on Pearl Street and it is now being reconverted into a barbershop to be opened in the near future.”


3/16/72, LMT

“A new barber shop will open in Livingston Manor next Tuesday in what was formerly the Wheat store on Pearl Street, just off the main square. Owner-operator of the shop will be Wayne Gustafson of Barkaboon Road, Andes.

“Former a barber in Margaretville, Gustafson has renovated the building and will operate his shop in the front and plans office space in about two thirds of the building for a professional person.

“He cited expected growth of the community in the near future as his reason for opening a business in an area that already has two barbers.

“The new barber, who is married and has two daughters, said that since he has a new home in Andes he will commute to his shop.”


5/22/78, RH [Rockland Herlad]

“Manor Liquors is changing their image by doing a major face lift on the store front to conform to the change of merchandise they now offer on the inside.

“Dick and Alice Banks purchased the store in April of 1977 from Bill Galaga who had purchased it from Essie Harris. Mrs. Harris had owned and operated the liquor store known as Harris Liquor Store for many years.

“Through the efforts of Mr. Robert Cole, a designer and artist from Roscoe, the new image for Manor Liquors was born. Mr. Cole took the new name Gallery of Wines and incorporated it in a free hand design of a wine label using the entire front window of the store. Plans are to cover the present red and blue store front with a wood façade in keeping with the rustic and traditional charm of wine making. A new window display will presently be installed utilizing some of Mr. Cole’s innovations, Alice’s love of plants and Dick’s knowledge of wines. Mr. Cole has designed and constructed many of the more attractive signs you may notice in and around Roscoe, however, this will be his first work in Livingston Manor. Some of his recent paintings can be viewed at the former Roscoe Craft Center.

“The idea of the Gallery of Wines was first conceived by Dick who has long been interested in the intricacies of the fruit of the vine. His hobby of collecting fine wines of the world and maintaining his own wine cellar at home, brought him to view the availability of some better wines. He had experienced great difficulty in procuring the wines he wanted and felt that others must have the same problems. When the former Harris Liquor Store was offered for sale, he decided that this was the opportunity to provide a source of good and interesting wines not previously found in the area.

“Since the purchase of the store, Dick has been carefully and slowly selecting a variety of imported and domestic sines to suit everyone’s tastes. With the new name, more and different wines from around the world will be added to the inventory. The store will also continue to carry the same selection of spirits as well as the popular State and California wines it has always carried.

“Dick is a native of Livingston Manor and resided here most of his life. He now lives in Roscoe with his family where he is Company Comptroller for Verona Oil Company. His wife, Alice, has been secretary for Farrell Insurance Agency in Livingston Manor for many years. The couple have three children, Karen 22, will be graduating from the Crane School of Music in Potsdam; later this month Perry, 20 is completing his second year at MIT in Cambridge and Richie 7 at home.

“Along with Jeannie Schleiermacher who manages the store, and Ann Bates who fills in periodically, the Banks have found that doing business in Livingston Manor has been a very friendly experience. They say that as new merchants a year ago, they were very well received in the community and hope to continue the relationship to their Gallery of Wines.”


6/15/78, R

“A fire of undetermined origin swept through a Main Street building Friday destroying the structure that houses the popular Odies Soda Fountain. Owner Otto “Odie” Hoos said he will try to restore his business but was worried about the high cost of doing so. The 38-year-old landmark also housed a bakery, liquor store, barber shop, beauty parlor and two upstairs apartments.” 23-126


8/21/78, LMT

“Those who enjoyed a morning cup of coffee in town or perhaps had lunch in town will be pleased to find the preparations are now being made for renovation to begin at Hoos United Cigar Store in the center of Livingston Manor.

“Bright and early Monday morning crews from Tempel Brothers construction along with engineer George Fulton and Odie Hoos himself were there working busily to remove the charred debris inside the store which had been badly damaged in a fire on Friday, June 9.

“Reconstruction of the store will again rejuvenate the center of town and will certainly perk up Main Street.” 26-33


8/21/78, SCD [Sullivan County Democrat]

“Tempel Brothers construction crew and engineer George Fulton had begun rebuilding the popular United Cigar Store on Main Street.”


9/4/78, LMT

“Renovations are still in the works at the United Cigar Store in the center of Livingston Manor. Meanwhile Tempel Brothers are still busy removing charred walls and ceiling portions from a vast area inside the building which had housed the popular lunch counter and newsstand outlet.

“Many of the town’s folk have missed “Odie’s” for their morning paper and cup of coffee and will be “back into their routine” when the store can once more resume its honored position at the center of the community business district.

“Since the fire, June 9th, which gutted the store as well as the apartments above and damaged adjoining stores, Odie has faithfully supplied newspapers to his customers from a makeshift newsstand set up in front of the remaining building adequately staffed by Ruby Hartig and Judy Coger as well as Odie himself.”


1/8/79, RH [Rockland Herald]

“Bill Fredenburg became the new owner of the Hoos United Cigar Store at the center of Livingston manor business district on Tuesday, January 2.

“Odie, as folks have come to call him was on hand that day to introduce Bill to the customers as they dropped by to pick up their morning papers. Although it wouldn’t be necessary to introduce Bill to too many people since he and his wife Marilyn are both natives of Livingston Manor.

“The Fredenburgs will operate the newspaper store until larger quarters on the corner are completely restored. Bill was hesitant to quote an opening date for the corner store, simply saying that it would be in the very near future. Bill and Marilyn, along with their two teenage sons, Sean and Guy, expect to operate their new business much like Odie himself did, perhaps extending the food line somewhat. It was evident after the early morning fire which destroyed much of the United Cigar Store on June 8, 1978 that this pleasant meeting place would be sorely missed.

“Of course Odie too will be missed as well as those who worked along with him in his 38 years of business in that location. However a vacation has been well earned and a pleasant one is wished to Mr. And Mrs. Otto Hoos when they trip to Florida for the winter.

“The business community welcomes the Fredenburgs and wishes them much success in this venture.”


7/3/2007, SCD [Sullivan County Democrat]

“Otto R Hoos of Livingston Manor passed away on June 29, 2007 in Libertyville Manor Nursing Home in Libertyville, Il. He was 91.

“He was well-known business, civic and educational leader. Mr. Hoos owned and operated United Cigar Store from 1940 until his retirement in 1978. The store, which was located on main Street of Livingston Manor, sold a variety of products including tobacco, candy, newspapers, non-prescription drugs, sporting goods, as well as provided a lunch counter that was a popular community gathering place.

“He was a charter member and past president of the Livingston manor Rotary Club. He was a member of the Hoos Truck Co. Fire Department and served as president and fire chief. He served on the Livingston Manor School Board for 25 years and was a charter member of the Board of Cooperative Educational Services. He was a member and Past Master of Livingston manor Masonic Lodge. Mr. Hoos was a past elder of the Livingston manor Presbyterian Church and a charter member of the Shandelee Hunting Club.

“He is survived by his son, John Hoos and his wife Bonnie; one brother, Ed Hoos of Livingston Manor; and three step-sons, Jim, Ken and Gary.

“He is predeceased by his first wife, Winifred in 1975 and his second wife, Thelma in 1995, along with his brothers, Fred and Paul and his sisters, Henrietta and Charlotte. Funeral services will be held on Friday, July 6 at 11 a.m. at the Livingston manor Presbyterian Church. Rev. Nancy Asbury will officiate. Interment will follow in Orchard Street Cemetery.” Loose


Hoos Building fire – 11/20/2012


     Livingston Manor has long had a flare for the dramatic, the usual episodes being water related. Yesterday afternoon, however, added a new chapter in Manor misery; fire
     In what sounded like the repeated percussion of cannons, the propane tanks alongside the Hoos building exploded, sending shock waves that broke windows and could be felt throughout the downtown section of the village as far away as Peck's Market. The explosions were either caused by or resulted in turning the old building into a conflagration that took volunteer firemen from at least four companies almost three hours to battle and finally put out the last of the flames.
     Much of the building is now only a pile of smoldering ruins, with only the front portion of the structure, the addition that once housed the United Cigar Store and the tall chimney in the back portion still standing. The old garage next to the building also caught fire and was destroyed.
     Being at the center of town, the fire disrupted traffic all afternoon and into the evening. Also, being the crossroads of the village's electric power grid, electric service was disrupted, plunging much of the village into darkness.





     With the fiery demise of the Hoos Building, the pile of charred ruins remind us all of the various shops and businesses that were once located on that busy street corner. The most popular, of course, would have been Odie's United Cigar Store. It was here where you would pick up the morning newspapers and have your morning coffee, along with some freshly baked item still warm from recently coming out of the Hoos Bakery ovens next door. The booths situated along the long wall of windows were favorite congregating points. Their vantage point of overlooking Main Street offered a commanding view of the happenings down town. Hamburgers seemed to be continually sizzling on the grill behind the luncheonette, each stool at the counter taken up by patrons as Odie, Ruby and Judy busily prepared lunch orders. The constant whirling of the blender was evidence that milk shakes of various flavors were popular amongst the United's customers. Chocolate malts were a particular favorite on mine.

      Though a relatively small shop by today's standards, the rows of shelving at the United were filled with just about everything residents of a small community needed, everything from glue models-kits to ice skates to rifles and gun ammunition. Odie sold me my first camera, a Kodak Pony, and got me hooked into picture taking with Ecktrochrome film. He then had to sell me the slide projector to show the slides. My baseball card collection began at the United, as did the purchase of my first baseball glove.

      Odie's was the gathering place for school children after school. Waiting for the late after-school basketball practice or just filling the time before the evening's game at the school, the booths were filled with young ball-players, cheerleaders and their friends. The spritzing and gurgling of the "Coke" soda dispenser seemed never to end during these visits.

      I'm certain earlier and succeeding generations all have their own memories of the United. For those of us who fondly remember these times, the loss of the Hoos Building is like the saying goodby to an old friend. Time will eventually heal this sense of sadness as memories fade away and, hopefully, the corner is allowed to be restored in some fashion.