LMCS Teachers  Keeler & Schriber

Ethel Keeler and Arda Schriber were very memorable teachers as many of us went through grade school and had them as teachers. They were Sisters and taught a total of 100 years at LMCS. As I remember Keeler was 2nd grade and Schriber 3rd grade and were very strict but fair even though we didn't think that at the time (I know we feared them). -  Harold

I have had some time over the holiday to catch up on this incredible site on Livingston Manor.  You have done an incredible job and I know that my Grandmother Ethel S. Keeler, and my Aunt Arda Schriber would be extremely proud of what you have accomplished.  I say this because being raised by them and the older Schribers, they placed a sincere emphasis on family history as well as the history of Livingston Manor. I grew up around that older generation of Schribers and they were extraordinary people.  Ethel and Arda never forgot any of their students (including you) and I can remember very vividly that they mentioned the VanAken name with fondness and respect. Ethel and Arda had a wealth of history on Livingston Manor which they willed to me, and I do not mind sharing in their memory.  They would have wanted me to do this and I know for a fact they would be very proud of this website.- Susan Keeler (Granddaughter of Ethel Keeler)

<anyone have any idea what grade they were in when this was taken - I can recognize 24>

LMCS Class of 1963  Teacher Mrs. Ethel Schriber Keeler and her sister Arda Schriber. Together they taught school for a total of 100 years. Mrs. Keeler taught 51 and Miss Schriber taught for 49 These two women lived together for 84 years. Many of our members are in the picture. - Sue

With regard to your inquiry about the one-room schoolhouse picture location on your website.  Due to the design of the structure in your photo and stonework outside the structure, I am going to take an educated guess according to the picture below.  I believe this is the Russell Brook schoolhouse.  -  Sue Keeler

The picture from my collection shows my Grandmother, Ethel and Aunt Arda standing outside with Marinda Cable to her left and her son, Bert Cable  to her next left.  The structure behind them is strikingly similar and my Grandmother labeled this picture "Russell Brook Schoolhouse."  - Sue Keeler

My Grandmother Ethel Keeler and her class on the inside of the schoolhouse.  She wrote on the back, "March 19, 1913 - two feet of snow."  -  Sue Keeler

John Eli Schriber who married a Purvis, in reference to an entry provided for you by Susan Schlock.  John Eli is standing to the left of the doorway.  My Aunt Arda Scriber is in the doorway with my Grandmother, Ethel Keeler holding a pair of antlers in front of her.  -  Sue Keeler

I have attached a picture that I thought everyone would enjoy.  My grandmother has this one labeled "LMCS Retirees to Date"  From left to right are:  Greta Spriggs, Marge Mussman, my Grandmother, Florence Shaver (back), Julia Rice (front), Freda Smith (back), and Rosemary Tempel.  My Aunt Arda is not in the picture because she was still teaching at the time this photo was taken. I am sure you had some of these great ladies for teachers.  The cake was created I believe by Hoos Bake Shop with everyone's name on it. - Sue Keeler

These are press releases of my Grandmother and Aunt's retirement dinners.  They talk about their years of service to LMCS as well as schools in the surrounding area prior to centralization.

Which reminds me.  I remember Ethel and Arda telling me about a video of the march from the Rock Avenue school to the new school on the island.  Eleanor Decker told me the same thing when I helped her with some history and photos during the 50th Anniversary celebration of LMCS on the island. - Susan Keeler

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This is a picture of a Kindergarten Tom Thumb Wedding at LMCS.  My grandmother said this was a common event that occurred with the LMCS Kindergarten class.  I do not have a date for this photo but it looks to be sometime during the 1940s based on my Grandmother's appearance. Sue

The groom (blond boy in front row) is my former husband, Tom O'Keefe, now deceased.  Since Tom was born in Sept. 1940, it's fairly safe to assume he began kindergarten in Sept. 1945.  If so, the picture is from the 1945-46 kindergarten year.  He graduated in 1958.  Maybe that will help identify some of the other kids. - Sharon (Pierson) Roehrig  Class of '65

Does anyone recognize any of the kids? If so email me and I will list the ones that are identified.  - Harold   mailto:mail@hvanaken.com


I thought you would enjoy this photo because you have some nice recollections of Elinor Decker on your website.  My Aunt Arda was Elinor Decker's teacher.  She is quite young in this photo.  Miss Decker is the tallest girl standing fourth from the right.  She was such a nice lady and I always enjoyed her company.  My father is the little kid in the front with the hat on.  -  Sue Keeler