Johnny Darling - Storyteller - March 12, 2014

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Perhaps the most noted story-teller in these here parts was Johnny Ceasar Cicero Darling. The yarns and tales he told were from the recollection of his life which began in the Tusten forests, to the wilds of the Town of Rockland and finally, with his son, to a farm on Shandelee. He participated in all the trades common during his era, tree-debarker, hoop-maker, river-rafter, as well as later being a teacher and preacher. He was most remembered, though, when he "preached" his yarns to gatherings on front porches and around wood stoves throughout the local communities. Amongst these tales are the story of the creation of the road off of Shandelee to Youngsville created by his prize pumpkin as well as the celebrated Shandelee snow-drifts in July. - Fred

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