Are you interested in our local history??


“Diamond Joe Revisited”

From railroads, to gold mines, to steamboats!


Rockland Firehouse

Rockland Road, Roscoe NY


August 7, 2010

6 PM


Story of Joseph Reynolds

and the Rockland Mills

 (Reynolds, Mortons, Palens,

Ulmschneiders, Dodges)


Presentation by Devin Marks from Kentucky, descendant of the Crary Family on the life of Joseph Reynolds (Diamond Joe)


(Born in Fallsburg NY 6/11/1819 – lived in Westfield Flats 1845-1855

Died in Arizona 2/1891 - Buried in Chicago IL)


and a local presentation on his life

 in Westfield Flats and Sullivan County

Town of Rockland Historical Group